Maybe you have seen our many flags or smelled our wonderful dishes at many events. You may have been invited by a friend who goes to Montclair State or handed a flyer to come to our meetings. Maybe even Reggy held you in a conversation and hypnotized you to join CaribSO! However you heard about us, welcome and this is WHO WE ARE!

What is CaribSO?

CaribSO, founded in 1992 by a man with a mission to unite the Caribbean cultures here at Montclair State University. His name is Greyson Hannigan. CaribSO stands for The Caribbean Students Organization. Our goal is to promote Caribbean culture to the campus community and beyond. We accomplish this by providing educational, social, and cultural activities for its members and the campus community.

CaribSO provides all students the chance to experience and be a part of the Caribbean culture through food, dance, music, and our many events. This supports our purpose to unite and educate people together in culture.

The best part about our organization is that, you don't have to be from the Caribbean to join. We welcome all cultures, so that we can all be a part of this learning experience!

Our Motto

"Teamwork: Together We Achieve the Extraordinary"

Our Constitution

The CaribSO Era

"Hey CaribSO is having an event!", states one happy bystander to another."Oh really! I hope they make that Jerk Chicken and Lasagna like last time. That was so good!"

These and more can be heard as word spreads around campus about our events and meetings. We are well known for our food, music and lively events. Our outgoing E-board can be seen from beginning to end, making sure that our guests are satisfied. Greyson Hannigan, originally from Jamaica, started the CaribSO legacy by introducing the campus community to the caribbean. Years later, still going strong and run by a vibrant young woman, Kaly Lercuis-Ceus. She stood firm for three years as CaribSO continued to 'wow' Red Hawk Country. Mr. Montclair a.k.a. Reggy Stainfil, took over the baton in 2006 and brought CaribSO to be a Class One Organization of the Student Government Association. Late hours, he can be seen promoting events for CaribSO and today his passion is still alive. In 2008, the women took over again and CaribSO is now lead by Afiesha Ruan. She continues to keep that fire burning and CaribSO's name living!

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