Helping Each other And Redefining Tomorrow
A Class II Organization of the SGA, Inc.

Meeting# 5

February 27, 2008
In Session: 3:01 pm


Attendance: Michelle Hagerty, Alissa Mahadeen, Kristina Dallas, Alyson Kuritz, Sara Rutkowski, Nicole Hassan, Amanda Kucsera, Maria Vicente, Mary David, Miluska Astiguetta, Estefania Cabezas, David Peck, Malanie Simoes, Christie Kozlowski, Vanessa Johnson, Lisa Ponsi, Melanie Simoes, Stephanie Godenich,Melisa Ferreia, Kristin Shackil(excused), Linda Uwumarogie(excused), Brie Baldwin(excused), Kelly Teegan(excused)



President (Amanda Kucsera): Sandwich making last night was a success! We made 151 Sandwiches for St James Pantry in Newark. Our game night room will be confirmed next week. I updated the website with the minutes from last week.


Vice President (Maria Vicente): I just dropped off sandwiches and they were very thankful. If anyone is interested in walking or donating to the Essex County Walk Against Hunger it will be held May 2, 2008 at 12:00 at Washington Park, 505 Broad Street, Newark, NJ. For more details call 973-266-7941 the St. James Food Pantry will be participating and asked me to pass of on the information.


Secretary (Michelle Hagerty):  Just a reminder that we are now waiting until the end of meetings to sign the attendance sheet and to sign up for events.


Treasurer (Alissa Mahadeen):  No report


PR (Kelly Teegan excused): No report


New Business:


Amanda- The bill for our next Red Hawk Nite is due March 20 we are thinking of doing an Earth Day theme. We are welcome to any ideas for an earth day craft you have. Our advisor Lisa will be helping us again and will work around whatever theme and activity we plan.The March of Dimes bill is due after break. At our table hours we will be giving out Purple Heart Lollipops and ribbons to those who donate because purple is the American Heart Associationís color†† Our Contact sheet was given to the SGA treasurer by Alissa today and our Con review is next Thursday. ††Our New Soup Kitchen Date is April 19. This date is for those who were unable to go last weekend due to the snow. Please let us know if you were signed up for February 23 and will be unable to make it.Spectrums is holding a concert and is looking for monetary donations and all proceeds from the concert will be donated to a homeless shelter for Gay Youth. H.E.A.R.T. willbe donating $50 out of our personal account.We are also thinking about possibly having a fundraising day at Pizza Hut later in the semester.


Campus Cleanup Ran by Gotta Be Green

March 12, 2008

Meet at Student Center

10:00 AM-2:00 PM

Nicole Hassan, Sara Rutkowski(? After 11:30)



Old Business:


Table Hours American Heart Association

Tuesday March 4, 2008

Student Center Lobby

12:00-3:00 P.M.

Interested: Maria Vicente (12:00-3:00), Amanda Kucsera (12:00-3:00), Michelle Hagerty (2:15-3:00), Alyson Kuritz (2:00-3:00), Lisa Ponsi (2:15-3), Melanie Simoes (2:15-3:00)


Table Hours American Heart Association

Wednesday March 5, 2008

Student Center

12:00-3:00 P.M.

Interested: Michelle Hagerty (2:15-3:00), Vanessa Johnson(2:00-3:00), Mar David (2:00-3:00), Miluska Astiguetta (2:00-3:00), Alissa Mahadeen (2:15-3:00), Catherine Aramini (1:00-2:30), Monica Demarco (1:00-2:30), John Morrone (12:00-3:00), Stephanie Godenich (12:00-3:00), Maria Vicente (12:00-3:00), Amanda Kucsera (12:00-3:00),Sara Rutkowski (2:00-3:00)


NJ Community Food Bank

Saturday March 8, 2008

Hillside (Meet Behind Blanton 10:45)


Interested: Christie Kozlowski, Estetania Cabezas, Mary David (?), Miluska Astiguetta (?), John Morrone, Catherine Aramini, Kristina Dallas, Maria Vicente (?), Michelle Gastulo, Sara Rutkowski(?), Alissa Madadeen, Kelly Teegan, Carrine Murphy,Melissa Ferreira(meeting at foodbank)


Spring Bake Sale

Wednesday March 12, 2008



Interested: Michelle Hagerty(Baking Rice Krispee Treats), Vanessa Johnson(1:30), Sara Rutkowsi(baking), Kelly Teegan, Amanda K (11-2:30, baking lollipops, cupcakes), Kristin Sheckil (cupcakes), Kristina Dallas (pistachio cake), Christie Kozlowski(cookies), Estefania Cabezas(Baking), Lisa Ponsi (brownies) Melanie Simoes (baking), Maria Vicente (pretzels, punch, cookies, brownies, salty food)


Soldier Care Package Making

Thursday March 13, 2008

SC Commuter Lounge

7-9 PM

Interested: Brie Baldwin, Sara Rutkowski, Nicole Hassan, Alissa Mahadeen, Amanda Kucscera, Michelle Hagerty(?), Lisa Ponsi, Maria Vicente (7:00-7:50), Melissa Ferreira (7:00-7:50)


Soup Kitchen

Saturday March 29, 2008

Belleville (Meet behind Blanton at 10:00)


Interested: Christie Kozlowski, Estefania Cabezas, Kelly Teegan (?), Linda Uwumarogie, Brian Stroh, Kristina Dallas, Maria Vicente, Amanda Kucsera


 To Register for the March of Babies on April 27 or make donations:

1. Go to www.marchofdimes.com
2. Click "Put on your walking shoes" link. (A flash player box may pop up click cancel)
3. Click "Join a Team"
4. In the Search box type HEART_MSU08.
5. Our team name will appear. Click on the name.
6. Another box with our name will appear, click our name again.
7. Fill in your personal information and click submit.




 Open Forum:


Amanda-Sigma Delta Phi is running the King and Queen of Hearts event. My Brother Brandi from PSP is in the running. The male and female who collect the most money will be crowned King and Queen.All proceeds will go to a charity.We would greatly appreciate it if you could donate to Brandy in the Student Center cafeteria.


Active Minds

Meetings Wednesdays

3:00-4:00 PM

Partridge Hall Room 110

Active Minds is holding a movie night and they will be playing A Beautiful Mind in University Hall Room 1030 on March 4 from 8-10:30 PMThey will be serving popcorn and soda


Meeting Adjourned 3:25 PM