Helping Each other And Redefining Tomorrow
A Class II Organization of the SGA, Inc.

Meeting# 13

April 30, 2008
In-Session: 3:09 pm


Attendance: Amanda Kucsera, Maria Vicente, Melanie Simoes, Lisa Ponsi, Kelly Teegan, Michelle Hagerty, Alissa Mahadeen, David Peck, victora Akanbi, Vanessa Johnson, Stephanie Godenich, Sara Rutkowski




President (Amanda Kucsera): The money from our bake sale has been changed from Teach for America to go towards a Liver Transplant foundation. We raised over $100 in our March of Dimes Give Away. The March of Dimes walk was fun thanks to everyone who walked. The Freshman Open house was also a success and we got the e-mail addresses from a few incoming students interested in joining. There is a meeting for the new e-board at 12:00 this Friday at my apartment. This is our last meeting, thanks for a great semester everyone!


Vice President (Maria Vicente): No Report


Treasurer (Alissa Mahadeen): No Report


Secretary (Michelle Hagerty): No Report


Public Relations (Kelly Teegan): No Report



New Business:


Amanda-If you are baking something for the H.E.A.R.T banquet be sure to bring sternos. If anyone has any games they would like to bring that would be great. Make sure to bring a lunch if you are going to the Hike on Saturday, Maria will be bringing a cooler for all of us to put our food in. If anyone has any outdoor games they would like to play please feel free to bring them.


Old Business:


 HEART Banquet

May 2, 2008

Set up: 5:30 (EBOARD)

6:00pm 10:00pm

Interested: Maria Vicente (Raspberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake), Amanda Kucsera (Chicken Parm), Kelly Teegan (Veggies & Dip), Alissa Mahadeen (Salad), Alyson Kuritz (Baked Ziti), Michelle Hagerty (Drinks), Stephanie Godenich (Chicken or Meatball Dish), Lisa Ponsi , Melanie Simoes, Heather Altschuler (Cinnamon Buns), Sara Rutkowski (Cookies), Christie Kozlowski (Garlic Bread & Fruit Salad), David Peck, Melissa Ferreira (Pave).


Hike For HEART

May 3, 2008

Meet behind Blanton: 10:30am

11:00am 2:00pm

Brookdale Park


Interested: Alissa Mahadeen, Christie Kozlowski, Sara Rutkowski, Kristina Dallas, Heather Altschuler, Michelle Hagerty, Lisa Ponsi, David Peck

Drivers: Amanda Kucsera, Maria Vicente, Kelly Teegan




Meeting Adjourned: 3:18pm