Robyn Merkel Walsh

Scroll Number: 95
Hometown: Ridgefield, NJ
Major: Speech Therapy
Interests: Dance, wine, restaurants, magazine junkie, fashion, "Alias"
Pledge Class: Iota
Favorite AIX Memory: Our 10th Year Black Tie Formal, and Homecoming  with Tau Phi Beta when the float caught on fire! Ouch!
Big: Suzie Herbst
Little: Renee Picirillo
Sister Update: I am a Speech Therapist and have my own business. I am married to Chris Walsh and have a son Jaden, who was born in 2009. I still am close with Liz Valandingham, but unfortunately have lost touch with everyone as life just is so crazy. But I miss everyone, especially Michelle Bryson, Michelle G., Gail, Stacy, Lori, Jen Z., Carrie, Rachel, Carm, Renee, and everyone really!

AIX is a Class IV Organization of the SGA - Local Undergraduate Organization


   Montclair State University
   Montclair, NJ 07043, USA

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