Student Faculty Research

FY2016 Awards List

Lauren Carr Art and Design Weaving Sketch with 3D Animation
Mark Clatterbuck Philosophy and Religion Approaches to Healing at St. Francis Parish (Hackensack, NJ): Indigenous, Catholic, and Mainstream
Elaine Gerber Anthropology Food Insecurity and People with Disabilities
Pankaj Lal Earth and Environmental Studies Socio-Economic Benefits of Green Infrastructures by Newark Bay Area Residents
Aihua Li Mathematical Sciences Randic Connectivity Indices of Cycle Based Graphs
Jennifer Pardo Psychology Phonetic Convergence During Spoken Communication
Dorothy Rogers Philosphy and Religion Women Philosophers DVD Project: 20th Century
Brian Smith Political Science and Law Why Kenneth Waltz Misread Adam Smith

FY2015 Awards List

Miriam Linver and Jennifer Brown Urban Family and Child Studies Reflecting on the Laws of Life: A Systems Evaluation Planning Project and Process Evaluation
Christopher Matthews Anthropology Analysis of documents and artifacts from the Jacob and Hannah Hart site, a mixed heritage 19th century Native and African American home site in Setauket, NY

FY2014 Awards List

Sulochana Asirvatham Classics and General Humanities Poetic Composition in Latin
Milton Fuentes Psychology Cultural Thinking Project
Jessica Henry Justice Studies Buried Alive: Death in Prison Sentences in the United States
Laura Lakusta Psychology Infants' representations of sources and goals in events - Bury and/or Labropoulos application