Summer Grant Proposal Development

FY2014 Awards List

Faculty Department  Title
Tanya Blacic Earth and Environmental Studies International Collaboration on a New Method for Inversion of Seismic Oceanography Data
Julian Brash Anthropology The High Line: Public Space in a Private Age
Brian Carolan Educational Foundations Parents, Peers, and the Intergenerational Transmission of Educational Advantage
Anna Feldman Linguistics Research Experience for Undergraduate students Site in Language and Information
Katherine Herbert and Emily Hill Computer Science Developing Mobile Data Analysis Systems for Sustainability Sciences
Douglas Larkin Secondary and Special Education Probabilistic Thinking in Teacher Development
Venezia Michalsen Justice Studies What can men learn from women about strain, crime and coping? An application of Broidy and Agnew's gendered strain theory to a sample of formerly incarcerated people
Vladislav Snitsarev and David Rotella Biology and Molecular Biology Effects of EGCG and its derivatives on dopaminergic cell survival in Parkinson's disease model
Brad van Eeden-Moorefield Family and Child Studies Examining links between discrimination, resiliency strategies, and family stability among same-sex-headed stepfamilies
Philip Yecko and David Trubatch Mathematical Sciences Modeling Magnetic Drug Delivery


FY2013 Awards List

Faculty Department  Title
Clement Alo Earth and Environmental Studies Groundwater sustainability in arid/semi-arid regions: A case study on the impacts of climate variability and change on groundwater budgetes in the Volta Basin, West Africa
Yeon Bai and Soyoung Lee Health and Nutrition Sciences Understanding Breastfeeding Initiation and Continuation and It's Impact on Infant Feeding with a Korean Immigrant Perspective: An Intergernational Approach on Health Behaviors
Ian Drake Political Science and Law From Masters to Companions: A Legal History of Human-Animal Relations in America
Sara Goldstein and Tiffany Brown Family and Child Studies Parent and peer based racial and ethnic socialization during the transition to secondary school: Implications for academic and social adjustment
Nina Goodey and David Konas Chemistry and Biochemistry Structure-Function Relationships and Inhibition of IGPS from M. tuberculosis
Shifeng Hou and Huan Feng Chemistry and Biochemistry Chemical Mechanism Studies of Graphene-based Sorbents for Metal Pollutant Removal Coupling with Synchroton Infrared and Raman Microspectroscopy Measurement
Pankaj Lal Earth and Environmental Studies Assessing the impacts of woody biofuels development in the eastern United States
Fernando Naiditch Curriculum and Teaching Supporting Biliteracy Development at the High School Level
Alina Reznitskaya Educational Foundations  Improving Student Argument Literacy Through Dialogic Teaching


FY2012 Awards List

Faculty Department Title
Fawzia Afzal-Khan English From the Melody Queen to the Muslim Madonna: A Portrait of Female Pakistani Singers from 1947 to the Present
Angela Chale Health and Nutrition Services The Efficacy of a Caregiver or Physician-Based Model in Improving Nutrition and Physical Activity-Related Health Determinants in Middle and Older Aged Adults
Yang Deng Earth and Environmental Studies Impact of Landffill Leachate in Formation of Disinfection By-Products in Wastewater Treatment
Joseph Donnelly Health and Nutrition Sciences An Exploration of Systemic Approach to Preventing Tobacco Use among Urban Middle Students
Huan Feng Earth and Environmental Studies International Collaboration in Environmental Pollution Study in Urban-Industrial Estuaries
Milton Fuentes Psychology The School Success Project
Jennifer Krumins Biology and Molecular Biology  The Forest Returns: Understanding Plant-Soil Feedbacks in Succession
Laura Lakusta Psychology Conceptual Foundations of Language: Infants Representations of Sources and Goals in Events
Carlos Molina Biology and  Molecular Biology Transcriptional regulation of the putative tumor suppressor ICER
Mika Munakata and Ashwin Vaidya Mathematical Sciences Creativity in Mathematics and Science
Kate Nooner Psychology Cause For Alarm: The Neurobiological Effects of Media Multitasking on Social & Emotional Development
Jennifer Pardo Psychology RUI: Phonetic Convergence in Spoken Communication
Jing Peng Computer Science High Volume Flexible Query Search via Kernal Indexing
Diana Thomas Mathematical Sciences Wavelet Analysis of pysical Activity Patterns in Free Living Humans
Danlin Yu Earth and Environmental Studies Investigation of spatiotemporally varying relationships in regression analysis