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Gabriel Rubin

Associate Professor, Justice Studies

Dickson Hall 348
BA, Temple University
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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I came to Montclair State from MIT with specialties in terrorism and political theory.

My recently published book Freedom and Order: How Democratic Governments Restrict Civil Liberties after Terrorist Attacks--and Why Sometimes They Don't (Lexington Books 2011) explains variation in government legislative responses to terrorism. It includes an extensive description of how the Patriot Act was passed (and its contents). It also employs the cases of Israel and the United Kingdom to show that legislative responses to terror attacks vary greatly and that counterterrorism legislation is not always proposed--even sometimes being blocked by the legislature after being proposed.

I have also published work on international human rights, terrorism and globalization, and state failure.

Currently, I am working on a project involving normative conceptions of land rights and cases of land dispute.

I am the faculty coordinator for the International Justice concentration and teach the two required courses in that area of study (Intro to International Justice and International Justice II).

Here are some of the courses I teach:
JUST 103: Intro to International Justice (will teach next in Fall 2015)
JUST 200: Perspectives in Justice Studies I
JUST 210: International Justice II (will teach next in Spring 2016)
JUST 240: Statistics for Social Research
JUST 300: Research in Justice Studies (will teach next in Fall 2015)
JUST 310: Theories of Justice (will teach next in Summer 2015)
JUST 324: Terrorism and Social Justice
JUST 360: Rights, Liberties and American Justice
JUST 406: International Civil Conflicts (will teach next in Fall 2015)


Faculty Coordinator for International Justice concentration
Specialties: Migration, Human Rights, Global Justice, Terrorism, Political Theory, and Civil War.