Resource Faculty

Resource Faculty from each College or School are assigned to the New Faculty and provide informal guidance and support. The Resource Faculty also help facilitate the weekly orientation sessions.

Resource Faculty 2013-2014

Director, New Faculty Program
ext. 7967
Office Location: Dickson Hall 256
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Milton A. Fuentes received his MA in Psychology with a concentration in Latino Mental Health from Montclair State University and his Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers University. He completed a pre-doctoral fellowship in clinical and community psychology at Yale University and directed a one-year epidemiological study at Columbia University. He is currently an Associate Professor and Deputy Chair of Psychology, a licensed psychologist in New Jersey and New York as well as the Director of the Clinical and Community Studies laboratory.  He is one of the founding members of the Latino Psychological Association of New Jersey and President of the National Latino Psychological Association. Dr. Fuentes' interests are in the areas of Latino and multicultural psychology, child psychology and family psychology. He serves as a consultant to several schools and community-based programs, including the Puerto Rican Family Institute.



Counseling and Educational Leadership Department

ext.  7622
Office Location: University Hall 3185

Muninder K. Ahluwalia received her M.A. in Counseling and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from New York University. She completed her psychology pre-doctoral internship at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Ahluwalia is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Counseling and Educational Leadership. She is a member and chair-elect of the Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs for the American Psychological Association. Her research and teaching interests include multicultural counseling training, identity development, racism and discrimination, and methodological issues in qualitative research. Dr. Ahluwalia serves as a consultant in areas of diversity climate assessment and multicultural competence training.



Justice Studies Department
ext. 3416
Office Location: Dickson Hall 326

Jessica S. Henry is an Associate Professor, with tenure in the Department of Justice Studies. After serving as a public defender for nearly a decade, Professor Henry joined the Montclair State University faculty in 2005. Professor Henry teaches a wide range of courses, including Criminal Law and Procedure, Death Penalty Perspectives, Hate Crimes, and Wrongful Convictions. Professor Henry has appeared as a frequent commentator on national television, radio, and in print media.  Her areas of research include severe sentences (including the death penalty and life without parole), prisoner reentry, and hate crimes.


Biology and Molecular Biology Department
ext. 5426
Office Location: Science Hall 122
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Scott Kight is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biology and Molecular Biology. His Ph.D. from Indiana University is in Biology, concentrating in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior. Scott teaches courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels and is a member of the doctoral faculty. He has been a member of the faculty at Montclair State University since 1997.

Scott's teaching interests include evolutionary biology, ecology and animal behavior. His research involves the ways that animals make decisions about reproduction, particularly decisions about the termination of parental care.



Economics and Finance Department
ext. 2126
Office Location: Partridge Hall 438

Luis San Vicente Portes is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics and Finance. He joined MSU in 2005 after the completion of his doctoral degree at Georgetown University. He earned his bachelor's degree at the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM), holds diplomas in Business Development and Administration from ITAM, and on the Economics of the European Union from the London School of Economics. Dr. San Vicente Portes has worked for the Inter-American Development Bank for the World Bank in Washington, DC., and for the Ministry of Finance and Petroleos Mexicanos in Mexico.

Dr. San Vicente Portes' research focuses on macroeconomics and international economics. Using computational techniques he takes a theoretical approach in the study of business cycles, international trade and inequality. In particular, his research analyzes the macroeconomics effects of greater economic integration on business cycles and the distribution of income and wealth and has been published in journals such as Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, The Berkeley Journal of Macroeconomics, The Global Economy Journal, and the Journal of Development Economics, among others.



School of Communication and Media
ext. 7974
Office Location: Life Hall 2014A

David Sanders is currently the audio specialist on the faculty of Montclair State University's School of Communication and Media, as well as the Director of the National Music Council. He has served as chair of the Broadcasting department at MSU, Director of the Music Business & Technology Program at NYU, and Dean of the Audio Arts Division at Center for the Media Arts in New York City.

Dr. Sanders brings great depth of audio experience to his teaching.  A musician and composer, he has written electro-acoustic scores for film, television, commercials, modern dance, and multimedia.  As an engineer and producer, he has worked on an eclectic mix of music projects ranging from classical to jazz to R&B.  As a product specialist/artist endorsee for Korg keyboards, he was involved in research and development as well as marketing for the company’s line of synthesizers and MIDI products.  In addition to his duties as producer of Inside MSU, a weekly campus television news program, audio supervisor for Carpe Diem, the MSU Broadcasting Department’s award winning weekly cable show, and faculty advisor to WMSC, the MSU campus radio station, Dr. Sanders has taught courses in television production, audio production, multi-track recording, sound design for film and television, computer music, MIDI, and music technology at Montclair State University, Mercy College, and New York University.

Dr. Sanders has been the Director of the National Music Council since 1994. The National Music Council was founded in 1940 to provide a forum for the discussion of the nation's music affairs, to act as a clearinghouse for the joint opinion and decision of its members, and to work as a force to strengthen the importance of music in our lives, culture, and education systems. Operating under charter from Congress granted in 1956, the Council has a membership of some fifty national music organizations, encompassing every form of professional and commercial music activity. Through his work with the Council, Sanders is extremely active in advocating for the protection of creator’s rights, produces NMC’s annual Leadership in Music symposium and American Eagle Awards in New York City, and is the United States representative to the International Music Council of UNESCO.