May 1 - Candidate's Application to LPAC

(Librarian Range Adjustment Program)

May 1 - Announce request for FY'15 annual report submission
(FY'15 Annual Report)

May 1- 15 - Divisional meetings for discussions with unit directors regarding FY'15 annual reports
(FY'15 Annual Report)

May 1 - Applicant's appeal to the provost
(FSP--Application Approval Process--First Year Faculty Submissions)

May 1- University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee meeting

May 4 -President's decision on the University Distinguished Teacher

May 5 - Last Day of Classes (Sunday, May 3, for Friday evening and weekend classes)

May 5 - Tuesday designated as a Friday (for Friday day classes only; Tuesday day and evening classes do not meet)

May 6- Reading Day

May 6 - Graduate Council and Local 1904 AFT meetings

May 6 -Doctoral Faculty candidates may send written response to deans.  Deans forward applications to Provost.

May 8 Recommendation from VPAA to each candidate
(College/School and Special Contributions Promotions)

May 8 - LPAC written evaluation and recommendation forwarded to each candidate
(Librarian Range Adjustment Program)

May 7-13 - Spring '15 Semester Examination Period

May 7-18 - Spring '15 grades recorded on Web for Faculty and Advisors (all grades must be recorded by 9 am on May 18, 2015)

May 11- Last day the University Research Committee sends SBR and SGPA recommendations to VPAA.
(Separately Budgeted Research and Summer Grant Proposal Development- Offered contingent on availability of budget funds)

May 11- Last day the University Research Committee sends Distinguished Scholar and Student Faculty Research recommendations to VPAA.
(Distinguished Scholar Program and Student Faculty Research)

May 13- University Senate meeting

May 13 - End of Semester

May 14 - Residence Halls close 11 A.M. (Except the Village for those students remaining for summer housing) (Lunch is the last meal served)

May 15 - Written appeal by the candidate to LPAC, if necessary; LPAC forwards each candidate's file to the Dean
(Librarian Range Adjustment Program)

May 15 - Provost notifies each Doctoral Faculty candidate, DPD, Dean, Graduate Dean of his decision regarding appointment to the doctoral faculty.

May 15 - New course and course alteration submissions due in the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (Provost/VPAA) by 4:30 p.m. for subsequent one-month circulation throughout the University academic community.
(Course Approval Effective Schedule )

May 15-29 - Individual meetings between vice presidents and unit directors to discuss FY'15 annual report progress
(FY'15 Annual Report)

May 15 - Action by president on department recommendations for department chairpersons

May 17 - College of Education and Human Services Convocation (2:00pm)

May 17 -
Graduate School Convocation (7:00pm)

May 18 - VPAA forwards recommendations and all promotion files to the President
(College/School and Special Contributions Promotions)

May 18-June 12 - President and Budget Office holds budget hearings with Vice Presidents and Deans

May 18 - Payment for Summer 2015 due in the Office of Student Accounts in College Hall Room 216

May 18 - Schooo of Business Convocation (2:00pm)

May 18
- College of the Arts Convocation (7:00pm)

May 19 -  College of Humanities and Social Sciences Convocation (2:00pm)

May 19 - College of Science and Mathematics Convocation (7:00pm) 

May 19 - Spring '15 grades available through WESS

May 20 - Commencement

May 22 - Dean's written evaluation and recommendation forwarded to each candidate
(Librarian Range Adjustment Program)

May 22 - Doctoral Faculty candidate may make a written appeal/request for reconsideration to the Provost.

May 22 - Submission of Spring '16 schedule to Office of the Registrar by deans and chairpersons

May 22 - Recommendations from president to Board of Trustees and notification to professional staff members (including statement on career development needs, if pertinent)
(Timetable for Unit Professional Staff Members on Multi-Year Contracts which Expire June 30, 2016)

May 25 - Memorial Day Holiday, no classes

May 29 - Final date for processing of MSU Online Requisition
(Finance and Treasurer)

May 29 - Written appeal by the candidate to the Dean, if necessary; Dean forwards each candidate's file to the Provost
(Librarian Range Adjustment Program)

May 29 -Provost shall notify the Doctoral Faculty candidate whether or not the appeal has been granted.

May 31 - Five-Year External Review Committee reports due to Dean and Department Chair (with copy to Provost)


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