The Center for Career Services and Cooperative Education

232 Stone Hall
Telephone: (973) 655-5194

The Center for Career Services and Cooperative Education provides students and alumni with the opportunity to advance their career development through a variety of services, including the following:

Career Counseling:           

        • This service helps undeclared students and alumni identify their likes and dislikes in relation to majors and careers.  (If a student has declared a major, h/she will receive career advisement through the school or college Office of Career Services.) 
        • Interest testing is available through the Center to help students learn more about how their interests relate to majors and careers.  Students will meet with a career counselor to discuss test results and recommend next steps.

On-campus Jobs:           

  • All on-campus jobs are listed on the Center's website in Career Directions, our web-based job listing system (as are full time positions). 
  • Students interested in getting an on-campus job should register through Career Directions. Faculty and Staff who would like to post available on-campus positions should also register through Career Directions.
  • See for registration information. Faculty will select On-Campus Employer on the left side of the page to register.


  • Both online and in person instruction on many topics is offered, including resume writing, job interviewing, how to obtain an internship, getting into graduate school, using Linkedin, Twitter and more! 

Cooperative Education (Co-op):           

  • A co-op is a credit bearing, work-based learning opportunity created to assist students in exploring how classroom learning applies to the workplace. 
  • Co-op students are supervised by a Career Advisor from their college or school, a faculty member in their department, as well as by the employer, and receive a grade and course credit for the experience.

How can The Center for Career Services and Cooperative Education help you as a faculty member?

By providing information to you that is important to your students’ career development concerning:

  • The many career choices suited to students in your major
  • The importance of career planning
  • The value of internships and relevant work experience for career exploration
  • The many techniques of an effective job hunt
  • How to use the Internet for career development
  • How to enroll in co-op internships

By providing information to you concerning:

  • Legal guidelines for faculty referral of students to employers
  • Current trends in employment
  • The On-Campus Employment program and the Outstanding Student Employee Awards
  • Professional development focused on the philosophy, pedagogy, and best practices of work-based learning
  • Support for using teaching as a gateway to scholarship

Semester Office Hours:
Mon. thru Fri. 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Monday evenings by appointment
Semester Drop-in hours:
Tues., Wed. & Thursday: 2-4 p.m.