Dining Services

Telephone: (973) 655-7707

Several dining locations are available across the campus. All operations accept cash or Red Hawk Dollars; the Red Hawk Diner also accepts major credit cards. The Student center houses the following retail operations: Student Center Cafeteria, Dining Room, Rathskellar, Gocci Cafe, and the Convenience Store. Other retail operations on the campus are the College Hall Snack Bar, the Red Hawk Express located outside of Dickson Hall and the Red Hawk Diner. In addition, breakfast, lunch and dinner can be purchased at the door of either residence-dining hall - Blanton Hall at the north end of campus and Freeman Hall at the south end - a set price is charged for each meal, which includes unlimited "seconds." Hours for all operations vary by location and by the academic calendar.

In excess of 100 vending machines are conveniently located throughout the campus.