Integrity Programs

The Montclair State University Research Compliance and Integrity staff is committed to training opportunities, policy development, and outreach. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of research integrity and serving the compliance needs of our research community in the following areas.

IRB - Human Subjects Protection Program



The IRB is charged to review, approve initiation of, and conduct periodic reviews of research projects that involve human participants.


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IACUC - Animal Care and Research Program


 The primary function of the IACUC is to assist our faculty, students and staff in upholding MSU 's determination to assure the finest care and most humane utilization of our laboratory animals and wildlife research animals.


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Healthcare Integrity Program




The healthcare integrity program is focused on nurturing an environment in which compliance with rules, regulations, and sound business practices are followed, and ensuring that credentialing, compliance, and quality improvement processes are in place. 




Integrity and Research Compliance Education


Education and workshops are designed so the participants will be able to:
-Discuss the federal, state, and MSU regulations regarding animal or human subjects research
-Identify research misconduct and the proper steps to manage misconduct
-Discuss and identify conflict of interest in research projects
-Discuss key issues in responsible authorship and collaborative research


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Copyright compliance program




It is the responsibility of the University to ensure proper use of copyrighted material in research.

As stated in the University Scientific Misconduct policy, faculty must adhere to the appropriate and legal use of research material while conducting research studies. This policy allows us to maintain high standards of professional conduct and also to meet federal regulations for receiving research funds.



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