Withdrawal Procedures, Deadlines & Refund Policy

(Fall 2012)

Drop/Withdrawal Policy
Courses dropped through the Final Add/Drop deadline will be removed from the records. Courses withdrawn after the Final Add/Drop deadline through the ninth week of the semester will be recorded as WD's.

Withdrawals - Tuition Adjustments
Students who are admitted and register for courses at Montclair State University are financially responsible for all charges and fees associated with those courses. Students are solely responsible for the full cost of all audited courses. Therefore, students are encouraged to complete all courses for which they registered. If it becomes necessary for students to withdraw from one or more of those courses during the withdrawal period, students may be eligible for an adjustment of tuition and fees.

Non-Academic Withdrawal Policy
Tuition/Fee/Room/Board Adjustment: A full or partial refund of tuition/fees and room/board may be granted with medical justification. Your adjustment will be determined using the effective date on your official documentation. The Dean of Students will inform the Bursar/Student Accounts Office, so it will not be necessary for you to submit an Appeal Letter or valid medical proof to the Student Accounts Office. You will need to submit all paperwork to the Dean of Students office which is located in the Student Center, Room 400. You may also need to complete a formal assessment. The Dean of Students will send a letter once a decision has been made, as well as the percentage amount that will be refunded to you. Please keep in mind that any adjustments made to your account may affect your financial aid. Students that withdraw and have already received financial aid may want to contact the Financial Aid Office at 973-655-4461 or http://www.montclair.edu/FinancialAid/index.html for further information. Some of your financial aid may need to be returned. Any balance that remains as a result of your reduction in financial aid is the responsibility of the student.

Drop/Withdrawal/Refund Schedule for Fall 2012 Classes

100% Refund during the first week of the semester for full term courses and prior to the third class meeting for all short term courses and other courses that meet less than full term (courses dropped).

50% Refund during the first third of the semester for full term courses or its equivalent for short term courses and other courses that meet less than full term (courses recorded as WD).

No Refund
after the first third through the ninth week of the semester for full term courses (courses recorded as WD). No refund after the first third until the midpoint for courses that meet less than full term (courses recorded as WD).

(meeting September 5, 2012 - December 20, 2012)

100% refund  -
September 11, 2012
50% refund  -
October 9, 2012
0% refund  -
November 7, 2012

(meeting September 5, 2011 - October 23, 2012)

100% refund  -
Prior to third class meeting
50% refund  -
September 21, 2012
0% refund  -
October 1, 2012

(meeting October 24 - December 20, 2012)

100% refund  -
Prior to third class meeting
50% refund  -
November 9, 2012
0% refund  -
November 19, 2012

Upon official withdrawal, tuition and fees will be refunded according to the schedule above.

Withdrawals for FULL YEAR COURSES will be pro-rated. Contact the Office of the Registrar for withdrawal dates and deadlines.

Students who drop a course through WESS are responsible for reviewing their schedule to make certain that they have indeed dropped the course.

Students may also drop a course by submitting a written withdrawal request either by mail, fax (973) 655-7371, or by completing a Withdrawal Form. Withdrawal Forms are available in the Office of the Registrar, College Hall - Room 204 or online at: http://www.montclair.edu/registrar/forms/index.html. Please note the Office of the Registrar has a mail slot in which written requests may be submitted during non-office hours. Requests received before 8:30am on the morning after any deadline, will be accepted as meeting the specific deadline. For written withdrawals submitted, students will be given or sent acknowledgement. Any student who fails to receive such acknowledgement within one week should immediately notify the Office of the Registrar.


The final deadline for withdrawal from courses which meet for the entire Fall 2012 semester is November 7, 2012. Withdrawal dates for Short-Term courses, which meet less than a full semester are outlined under the Short-Term headings above. The refund schedule refers to the percent reduction applicable to refundable charges only. Refunds for course withdrawals submitted in writing will be calculated based on the date of receipt of withdrawal, or from the date of the U.S. Postmark for those received through U.S. mail. All refunds are processed within these established deadlines, without exception. Tuition and fees are refunded in full if classes are discontinued by University authorities. Students who do not drop their courses according to the above procedures will receive the grade of "F" in those courses they ceased to attend and will be responsible for all tuition and fees associated with those courses.

Withdrawal Procedures from the University

Undergraduate Students wishing to withdraw from the University must complete an official Withdrawal/Leave of Absence form with the Center for Advising and Student Transitions, Morehead Hall Room 120. Students must withdraw from all of their classes via WESS prior to submitting the Withdrawal/Leave of Absence form.

Graduate Students requesting a leave of absence or withdrawal from the University must contact The Graduate School.

Notification to the Center for Advising and Student Transitions or The Graduate School does not constitute an official withdrawal from individual courses.