Interdisciplinary Awards

Interdisciplinary: strongly involves participation of researchers and ideas from different disciplines

There are four monetary awards available for the best interdisciplinary submissions, two for undergraduate projects and two for graduate projects. "Best Interdisciplinary Poster Presentation" and "Best Interdisciplinary Oral Presentation" at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

2016 Award Recipients

Poster Undergraduate

Sarah Lyons - CHSS
Advisor: Debra Zellner
Music influences food selection
Co-Authors: Alexandra Pyper, Tamaru Geller, Khadeeja Riaz, Scarlet Ruiz, Sara Panei

Presentation Undergraduate

Cassandra Calle - CHSS
Advisor: MarkClatterbuck
Latin American Approaches to Health and Healing

Poster Graduate

Justin Seventko - CSAM
Advisor: Steven Greenstein
Exploring Variations in Teacher and Student Agency in an Out-of-School Videogame-based Mathematics Class

Presentation Graduate (tie)

Natalie Sherwood - CSAM
Advisor: Meiyin Wu
Understanding the Recreational Harvest of Snapping Turtles in New Jersey

Rebecca Campbell - CART
Advisor: Christopher McKinley
Children Should be Playing at a Play- The Importance of Active Participation Through Play in Children's Theatre