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Academic Success for Residential Students

The Office of Residence Life staff is committed to providing an environment for students that is both enjoyable and educational. A variety of social programs are planned to help students meet one another and become acclimated to the university environment. Residents can also choose to attend workshops to learn more about the areas such as library research, term paper writing, test advising, and tutoring in the Academic Resource Center (ARC) located in Bohn Hall, Dinallo Heights and Freeman Hall.  Academic tutors and advisors are available to provide individual and group tutoring. The Residential Life staff also sponsors programs to encourage and recognize academic achievements, including the annual Dean's List Reception. ‌

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

The Academic Resource Center is the place to go for all things related to your academic success as a student. You will find quiet study spaces, academic success workshops and undergraduate academic advising. The ARC is home to the residential tutors who are here to help you in subjects varying from math, sciences, business and writing. Take charge of your academic success and visit the ARC. The ARC is located in Dinallo Heights, Bohn Hall and Freeman Hall.  We hope to see you all soon!

For more information on the Residential Tutors, please contact Alanda Alexandre at and read our newsletters:

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Fall 2015 Tutoring Schedule - Bohn Hall

Fall 2015 Tutoring Schedule - Freeman Hall

Fall 2015 Tutoring Schedule - Dinallo

Fall 2015 Tutoring Schedule - All‌ 

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To support our residential students, here are a variety of academic success tips and techniques that will assist you with your course work.

Exam Preparation Note Taking
Reading Textbooks Learning Styles
Goal Setting
 Cornell Note Taking Method  Cornell Note Taking System
 Cramming Techniques for Exams  Test Taking Tips
Study Group Tips and Advantages  Developing Outlines
 Managing Time for Success in College How to Read a Textbook Effectively
 ‌A Guidebook to Surviving College  Breaking Down a Syllabus
Managing and Reducing Test Anxiety  Getting the Most Out of Your Tutoring Session


For continued support towards your academic success at Montclair State University, the following offices can offer assistance:
Center for Academic Advising and Student Transitions

Center for Academic Development and Assessment