First Year Connections

Why should I apply?

First year students residing in the First Year Connections Living Community (FYC) in Bohn Hall will have the opportunity to share their first year of college with over 600 of their peers in a highly intentional living environment.  Residents of FYC will be provided opportunities to make new connections and will learn the skills needed to communicate, develop interpersonal relationships, and live cooperatively with other first year students. 

Significant support for academic success, overall wellness, residential leadership development, and purposeful introductions to the campus community will also be provided as cornerstones of this experience.  Being a member of the FYC will help first year students navigate their first year of college while making connections that will last a lifetime.

Bohn Hall houses the new Academic Resource Center (ARC) on the third floor. Its mission is to help first year students to study more effectively and ease their transition into Montclair State University.  The ARC provides free tutoring, study skills and time management workshops, writing supports, and de-stress programs.

Where will I live?

Bohn Hall

How do I get more information?

For more information about living in the FYC, please contact the Office of Residential Education & Services