Step Three

Step 3   Read the ‌Preferences Selection Tutorial

                   The Commuter Tutorial explains how you will select your housing preferences
                    in the Residential Management System (RMS).                       


                     If you are planning to request a specific roommate(s), ALL OF YOU
                     must list the other(s) on your preferences by entering the
                     roommate(s)'s 8 character MSU ID (NOT their SSN!).

It is important that all students planning on requesting specific roommates follow the above ID
activation steps and know the other(s)'s 8 character MSU ID prior to completing their housing

Please note that we will try our best to accommodate roommate requests. However, they are not guaranteed.

A roommate request must be mutual for the request to be considered.

To be eligible to live in the Hawk Crossings Community you will need to have 30 completed credits, for Sinatra Hall you will need to have 24 completed credits and 50 completed credits for the Village Apartments.