The day-long pre-workshop training, along with assigned readings to be completed prior to the training, will provide participating evaluators with basic background knowledge of youth character development,  EE, ET, and the SEP. Dr. Richard Lerner will attend the pre-workshop training to present youth character development concepts to evaluators in person. This session will cover the theoretical bases for youth character development, innovations in methodological approaches to evaluating youth character development programs, character as a developmental phenomenon, and features of high quality evaluations of youth character development programs. This introduction to youth character development ECB will also prepare evaluators to be partnered with programs from both cohorts as part of the “program-evaluator partnership work” described below.Evaluators’ role and participation in the ECB workshops will be distinct from that of program staff. In fact, evaluators will have two roles while attending the ECB workshops: apprentice facilitator and program “team” participant (see “program-evaluator partnership work”).