Step Up Program

The Step-Up Program offers academic support for freshmen and undeclared sophomore students who meet certain satisfactory criteria. Those that meet one or both of the conditions are required to participate. Any student seeking extra help is welcome to contact a Step-Up counselor or their assigned CAST advisor for assistance. Support includes individual and group advising with a focus on time management, study strategies, and career/major exploration as well as opportunities for quiet study hours and subject specific tutoring. Below are more detailed descriptions of the responsibilities and outcomes of students who participate in the semester-long initiative. The Step-Up Program was created to serve the following two populations:

Students who possess an overall GPA in the 2.0-2.29 range. These individuals will meet with a Step-Up counselor to discuss academic areas in need of improvement, as well as and methods and resources that can be utilized to support the goal of increased academic efficiency, specifically in the three key areas mentioned above. Participation is required by all those in this population. Students are encouraged to employ recommended resources on campus and in the classroom to aid in their academic and personal development. Academic Power Hours (APH) will also be offered each week and in certain circumstances may be required as part of the student’s mandatory participation. More details regarding APH and the weekly schedule can be found below.

Students failing to complete at least 2/3 of their attempted credits (withdrawal or failure of a course) are also required to participate in the Step-Up Program. Those who meet these criteria must complete one of the following:

  1. Attend a group workshop weighing cost vs. benefit of withdrawing from courses throughout the semester (Spring 2012 workshop schedule below). Those who choose to attend a workshop are not required to sign up prior to going. Students will be required to check in as proof of attendance.
  2. Meet with their assigned CAST advisor to determine causes for academic withdrawal while reviewing the ramifications of such decisions (loss of financial aid, removal from campus housing, increased number of semesters at Montclair State, etc.).

Schedule of Workshops: TBA


Academic Power Hours (APH)

In conjunction with the advising and workshops being offered to Step-Up Program participants, there is also the opportunity to attend weekly study hour sessions taking place from 3-5pm every Wednesday. Each week, students are offered the chance to meet with academic advisors inidividually or as a group, receive subject specific tutoring, attend a series of learning competency workshops (study skills, test taking anxiety, note taking, etc.), and other developmental activities as they become available throughout the semester.


List of all Services Referred to Through Step-Up:

Center for Advising & Student Transitions - About Us
Center for Academic Development & Assessment
Center for Writing Excellence (CWE)
Career Services
Office of Financial Aid
Office of Residential Education & Services


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