Peer Leadership Program

Peer Leadership Program

Peer Leaders (Summer only)

Montclair State University provides countless opportunities for our students to enhance their academic and personal growth. The Peer Leader Program is one of those great opportunities. During New Student Orientation our Peer Leaders serve as invaluable resources that facilitate a positive transition for new students and their family members.

Peer Leaders (PLs) are Montclair State University undergraduate students who possess leadership qualities and have a desire to be first-year student advocates. Peer leaders provide support during New Student Orientation and other first-year programs. Peer Leaders are committed, hardworking, intelligent, resourceful, and enthusiastic students who possess a strong desire to work with a diverse population of first-year students and their family members. Through rigorous training and development they develop the skills necessary to enhance the quality of the New Student Orientation program on a continuous basis. Peer Leaders must integrate their roles as college representatives, community builders, programmers, and student advocates. It is the expectation of CAST that each Peer Leader is genuinely interested in the welfare of all first-year students and their family members.

**The Selection Process for 2015 Peer Leaders is now complete- thank you for your interest!**

Our office is now hiring Peer Advisors for the 2015/2016 Academic Year

See below for more details!

Peer Advisor Program (Fall and Spring)
Peer Advisors (PA) are a dynamic team of undergraduate students who provide low-level advisement in the Center for Advising and Student Transitions (CAST). Peer Advisors are available to assist you with choosing an academic major or minor, selecting courses for the fall and spring semesters, responding to your email and telephone questions, and explaining how to complete various advising related forms. The Peer AdvisorProgram is an extension of the existing Peer Leadership program.  

Peer Advisors (Fall/Spring only) – Must attend 2 day training in May 17 & 18, 2015. Must be available to work in the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semester.

Selection Process:

The online application is just one part of the application process. You must also submit your references. All application materials are due on a specific due date so please read carefully!

  • Peer Advisor position application and references are due no later than March 2, 2015

Two letters of recommendation must be submitted for this position

  • ONE MUST BE from a Montclair State University faculty and/or staff member. Student references (both undergraduate and graduate level) will NOT be accepted.
  • ONE from an individual that is not a relative or friend (employment, church, high school advisor, etc.). A second MSU Faculty or Staff member can complete the second form.

The application must be submitted via the link below.  References must be submitted by hard copy to the Center for Advising & Student Transitions in Webster Hall Room 200A.

Qualified Peer Advisor applicants will be invited to attend an individual interview during the week of March 16- March 27th.

Applicants who successfully make it past the individual interview process will be invited to attend a group interview on Friday April 3rd between 1-4pm.

  • Decision letters will be emailed no later than Monday, April 13, 2015.
  • Training will take place on Monday May 18, 2015 and Tuesday May 19, 2015. Please plan according. These dates are tentative and subject to change.


2015 Peer Advisor Selection Process & Position Overview

2015 Peer Leader Recommendation Form


Apply to be a 2015-2016 Peer Advisor

Peer Advisor Application



*You Must Attend at Least One Session to Apply!