New Student Seminar Courses

New Student Seminar (GNED 199)

New Student Seminar (GNED 199), is a required General Education Requirement one-credit course that focuses on the tools necessary to become a successful college student. Academic, social, and personal development is stressed throughout the course. Topics covered include time management, study skills, critical thinking, classroom etiquette, values clarification, and test taking strategies. Open dialogue between the instructor and students is an important aspect of this course.

Faculty, Academic Advisors, as well as other professional staff members in the university instruct the course. All students must take a New Student Seminar course during their first semester.

Adult Academic Success Seminar (GNED 100)

The Adult Academic Success Seminar (GNED 100) is a required two credit course which fulfills a Montclair State University general education requirement. The course is designed to ease a student's transition into a successful and enjoyable college experience. This course offers information about campus services, events, people and places. GNED 100 will also provide students with the academic tools necessary for success at the college level. Some topics that will be covered include time management, note taking and study skills, journal and research writing techniques, stress management and goal setting.