Sophomore Programming

Welcome to your sophomore year! Developing relationships, choosing a major, deciding whether to study abroad, and finding an internship are just some of the decisions you make during your sophomore year.  The Sophomore Program offered by the Center for Advising & Student Transitions focuses on getting you connected to such resources and helping you have a meaningful and successful sophomore year!

What is A Sophomore?

Sophomore year is a critical year in your college career, both personally and academically. You will be required to declare a major and select courses that are related to your major. Take advantage of support from your classmates and professors and utilize all of the services thatare offered at Montclair State University.


Goals to Achieve as A Sophomore

  • Choosing an academic major
  • Getting to know your faculty advisor
  • Maintaining good academic standing
  • Exploring internship/career opportunities
  • Enriching your college experience by actively engaging on campus

Sophomore Programs

  • Luncheon with faculty members
  • Sophomore Success and Leadership Conference
  • Major Exploration Workshops
  • Individual Academic Advising