Faculty Resources

CAST provides support services for Montclair State faculty and administrators who provide academic advising to students. Among the resources CAST offers are:

  • how to read the "Analysis of Academic Progress" document (the audit)
  • a liaison program that interfaces CAST advisors to MSU colleges, schools, and faculty
  • a training, introductory and advanced, on technologies that support advising, including SIS and other online resources
  • a bi-monthly workshop in which current developments in the field of advising are presented for discussion and consideration
  • STAMP, an early-warning system to identify students who may soon be in academic distress
  • a faculty/staff committee to review applications from students who wish to appeal a suspension or dismissal

If you provide academic advising to students or if you'd like information about academic advising at Montclair State, don't hesitate to Contact Us.