Montclair State Orientation Experience

Welcome to Montclair State University! Now that you've decided to join us in Red Hawk Country, it's time to prepare for your new journey.  The Montclair State Orientation Experience is designed to help you begin your freshman year successfully.

Your Orientation Experience has two mandatory components:

  1. CONNECT: The Red Hawk 411(January 12, 2017)
    This one day will help you get connected to campus, faculty, staff and your fellow students, and learn about campus policies and services.  For our January program there is no concurrent Family Orientation.

  2. LEARN: How To Be A Red Hawk (complete by January 16, 2017)
    After you attend The Red Hawk 411, you'll complete an online workshop meant to provide you with detailed information about policy and services on campus.  This 90-minute program must be completed before you begin classes.

Note: Freshman Transfers vs Transfer Students

Students transferring 29 or fewer credit hours are considered Freshman Transfers.  These students should attend The Red Hawk 411, NOT a Transfer Student Orientation.

If you are an incoming transfer student with 30 or more credits please visit the Transfer Students web page.

Information Coming to Your Home

If you have been admitted to Montclair State University for Spring 2017 semester and have paid your deposit, information concerning The Red Hawk 411 experience will be mailed to you in November.

If you were admitted for the Fall 2017 semester and have paid your deposit, information about the  Red Hawk 411 will be mailed to you in mid-Spring 2017. Please look out for that information as that time approaches.