Learning Communities Registration

As an incoming freshman or freshman transfer student, your first class schedule will be created for you by our professional advising staff.  We want your input in this process!  We already know what classes you need, but we want to tailor your schedule to give you classes you want and will enjoy as well!

This survey will help us learn more about your interests and preferences.  Are you a morning person or evening person?  Do you commute or plan to live on campus?  Would you prefer studying Mythology or Intro to Politics?  This survey will give you the opportunity to tell us what you’d like so that your first semester can be the best possible.

The results of this survey do not guarantee that you will be placed only in classes you requested.  All class registration is subject to the availability of the class, as well as following certain prescribed elements of major curricula.


Class Schedule Selection Survey



*If you need additional information email us at: learncom@mail.montclair.edu.