How to Make the Most of your Volunteer Experience

Pick the right project for you.

  • What really interests you about volunteering?  What groups do you like to help (seniors, youth, animals, the environment)?  How much time do you have to volunteer, and what do you hope to get out of your volunteer experience?

NOTE: Do not commit to a service project or event that you probably won’t be able to attend.  If something comes up last minute that reasonably prevents you from fulfilling your service as planned, be sure to let the on-site coordinator know ASAP. Community organizations rely on volunteers to implement and sustain projects and help them achieve their short- and long-term goals. 

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Choose service organizations you find interesting, then

  • Ask about their volunteer needs
  • Learn more about their mission and their goals for the community
  • Make time to visit their facilityand meet the staff

Engage with your environment.

Go beyond your comfort zone! Interact with the people around you – other volunteers,the staff, and the people you’re serving. Be present. This will maximize your impact as a volunteer, and maximize the impact of the experience on you.  

Reflect on your volunteer experience.

What have you learned about the needs of your community?  What impact have you had on that community or at your service site? How has your experience changed you? Think about it.