Alumni Mentoring Corner

What is Mentoring

Mentoring ia process by which an more experienced and presumably wiser person takes a less experienced person under his or her wing, freely offering advise, support and encouragement.

What Isn't Mentoring

Mentoring is not intended for the mentor to become financially or emotionally responsible for you. The mentor is not a surrogate parent. Your mentor will be a guide to the world of work. Yor mentor can serve as an important liaison between school, the workplace, your neighborhood and business. The mentor will be able to bridge the gap between the theoretical world of the classroom and the real-life working word.

Mentors involved in this Program are all Montclair State University graduates who have volunteered to serve as mentors for EOP students.

Mentors are business or professional people who are in a unique position to introduce you to the workplace as a trusted advisor or guide. The mentors have been chosen because they have demonstrated achievement in their particular fields.
You can ask questions and discuss work-related issues with your mentor. The relationship that you develop with the mentor depends on you!

How do you begin the process of choosing a mentor?

Review the listing below to help begin your search for a mentor. If you find someone who you think could be a mentor it is recommended you introduce yourself to the mentor by email (if available) or phone. Your introduction should include your name, year at Montclair State University, your major or area you are interested in, and your initial question.

This will be the beginning of a wonderful relationship. If you have any questions, please contact: Dr. Delores McMorrin ( or at 973-655-7347.

Title Name Job Title Employer Telephone MSU C/Y MSU Major Degrees Email
Mr. Andres Lara Motivational Speaker A. Success Training Inc. 239-540-2003 2001 Speech Com.
Mr. Christopher Catching Asst. Director of Student Dev. Rutgers University 737-445-6521 1999 History MA NYU
Mr. Daniel Cruz Biopsychology PHD Student   973-271-8182
Ms. Demitra Peterson Accountant   908-241-9801
Ms. Ebony Adkins Social Worker NJ Department of Correction 972-495-6514 1999 Sociology B.A MSU
Ms. Evelyn Serrano Social Worker 
Mrs. Evelyn Smith Tyson Housewife/Retired Educator Self Employeed 973-673-0027 1988 Home Econ. B.A. MSU  
Mr. Greyson P. Hannigan Asst. Prosecuter Rutgers University 973-684-8726
Mr. Jarteau Israel Program Supervisor Catholic Charities 732-826-9160 1991 Political Science B.A. MSU
Mr. Jose A. Villalongo, Sr. Asst. Director of EOF PCCC 973-684-5572 1990 Sociology B.A.-Socilogy  
Ms. Lindsay Robinson Coordinator, Player Programs National Basketball Association 212-407-8373 2000 Communications    
Dr. Maria Yapondjian Clinical Psychologist U.S. Dept. of Justice 860-324-2394 1999 Psychology PSY-D  
Ms. Marie Elaine Yaccarino Partner-Consultant, Trainer Educational Vision Assoc, Inc. 973-779-3098 1992 Psychology B.A. MSU
Mr. Miguel Angel Melendez Manager Cingular Wireless 917-822-8822 1988 English    
Dr. Myriam Hirsch Chiropractic Physician Hirsch Chiropractic 704-527-9444 1991 Biology DR Life University
Ms. Nichele Lynn Patrick Investor Essex County Prosecuters Office 973-926-8136 1995 Political Science B.A  
Ms. Nikita D. Duggins- Brantley Family Service Specialist DYFS 609-633-9503 1995 Sociology B.A. MSU  
Mr. Phillip S. Thomas Arts & Entertainment Producer Thomas Enterprises Inc. 973-731-3813 1977 Theater B.A. MSU  
Mrs. Renee M. Bogert Sr. Manager Reckitt Benckiser 973-429-3339 1995 Marketing B.S. MSU  
Mrs. Rosa Lara Special Education Teacher Father Anglim Academy 239-540-7717 2002 Human Ec. B.A. MSU
Ms. Vivian G. Lalumia Emergency Psych Supervisor St. Mary's Hospital 973-772-1131 1986 Psychology B.A. MSU