Montclair State University's Enrollment Management / Student Academic Services (EM/SAS) Office is responsible for providing recruitment, admissions, financial aid, testing and academic advising services to prospective, new, and continuing students. We strive to deliver timely, accurate, high quality services that are essential to the academic life of all Montclair State University students. Enrollment Management is committed to aligning university resources for the purpose of enhancing the quality and diversity of the student body, student-learning experiences, student satisfaction, and as a byproduct improve student retention and graduation rates of our undergraduate enrollment. Montclair State University Enrollment Management / Student Academic Services is an association of University strategic partners consisting of: Center for Advising and Student Transitions, Academic Success and Retention Programs, Educational Opportunity Fund and Academic Development, Student Financial Aid, and Undergraduate Admissions. Furthermore, this office will develop and continually reevaluate a comprehensive enrollment management strategy that is consistent with Montclair State University's mission, goals, and resources.