Please note: Discussion and Support Groups marked with an "*" are informal confidential groups. Students looking to observe in order to fulfill academic requirements will NOT be permitted. Those students should instead register to attend an informative Safe Space Training session or email for assistance. 

The Activist Forum
A weekly group for students interested in current events and social justice issues on campus and around the world.
Time: Tuesdays at 4pm
Location: The Center for Student Involvement, Student Center, Room 104
Facilitator: Johanna Durazzi

Beyond the Binary: Bisexual, Pansexual, Fluid, and Queer Group* 
A weekly discussion and support group for bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, fluid and queer-identified students and their allies.
Thursdays at 1pm
Location: Student Center, Room 110
Facilitators: Anna Verdes-Montenegro and Veronica Schneider

Coming Out Group*
A weekly open discussion and support group for students in various stages of the coming out process.
Mondays at 4pm
Location: Student Center, Room 418 
Facilitators: Brian Edwards and Jamie Sommer

Fabulous Fibers: A Knit/Crochet Group
Do you knit or crochet? Looking for a new, fun, stress-relieving hobby? Knitters, Crocheters, and other Textile Artists are welcome in our accepting, comfortable environment. Come and expand your knowledge, techniques, and stitches while making fabulous gifts for yourself and friends.
Wednesdays at 2:30pm
Location: Student Center, Room 110 - Pride Lounge
Club Facilitators: Boyscout Maquire and John Teixeira

Reading Rainbow - An LGBTQA Book Club
Do you like reading? Are you looking to meet a new group of friends who enjoy in-depth discussions about your favorite queer-themed books? If so, join our NEW LGBTQA Book Club and delve into literature centered on issues important to the LGBTQA community. We are a safe, friendly, open space and we choose books as a group on topics including but not limited to gender, sexuality, heteronormativity, homophobia, coming out, and stereotypes. All mediums are explored from comics and graphic novels to biographies and poetry. 
Spring Meetings: Feb. 4, Feb. 18, Mar. 4, Mar. 18, Apr. 1, Apr. 15, Apr. 29, and May 6
Location: Student Center, Room 110 - Pride Lounge
Club Facilitator: Ellen Sandrue

Transcending Boundaries*
A weekly discussion group for transgender, gender queer or gender non-conforming students and their allies to discuss topics like navigating MSU, gender identity, expression, transitioning, and friends and family.
Day/Time: Thursdays at 10am
Location: Student Center, Room 110
Facilitators: Rachel Dobkins and Anna Verdes-Montenegro

Queer Grads
A weekly meet up group for LGBTQ and allied graduate students to network and socialize.
Day/Time: Mondays at 6pm
Location: Student Center, Room 110
Facilitators: David Chew

Queer People of Color (QPoC)*
A weekly discussion and support group providing students of color with a space to explore their identities and the intersections between race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity.
Thursdays at 5:30pm
Location:  Student Center, Room 110 
Facilitator: Carlos Flores

Living Out Loud (closed sessions)*
A closed session, coming out therapy group for students.  For more information, contact Sudha Wadhwani, Psy.D. at 973-655-5215.
Tuesdays 11:00am-12:30pm
Location: Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) - Russ Hall

Men’s Group*
A weekly discussion group for gay, bisexual, queer, and transgender-identified men and their allies. This group is a great way to meet other queer men of MSU and hang out in a relaxing, safe space. New topics are discussed each week.
Wednesdays at 5:30pm
Location: The Center for Student Involvement Conference Table/Lounge
Facilitators: Michael Klein and Glenn Dungan

Womyn’s Group*
A student-led weekly discussion group for lesbian, bisexual, queer, and transgender-identified womyn and their allies. Come hang out in a relaxing, safe space with other queer womyn of MSU. New topics are discussed each week. 
Wednesdays at 5:30pm
Location: Student Center, Room 110 
Facilitator: Jamie Sommer