Queer Educators Program: Lavender Leaders

Montclair State University’s Lavender Leader Program strives to eliminate prejudice and discrimination within the campus community through the development and presentation of education-based workshops and trainings that are uniquely interspersed with the leaders’ personal narratives and intersections of identity, providing peers with a comprehensive understanding and personal connection to privilege, social justice, and allyship.

Lavender Leaders are formally trained to speak on LGBTQ issues for the Montclair State and Northern NJ community. Typical sessions will include personal stories and experiences, information on campus resources for LGBTQA persons, and a question and answer period. Lavender Leaders are perfect speakers for residence halls, academic classrooms, leadership trainings, sports teams, religious organizations, Greek organizations, student groups and other campus communities. Here are a few topics you can request right now:

  • Asexuality and the Romantic Spectrum
  • Coming Out Student Panel
  • Gender, Sex, and Sexuality 101
  • Homophobia and Heterosexism
  • LGBTQ Terminology
  • Tips to Creating Inclusive Programs
  • Trans* 101 
  • Power and Privilege

Discussions can be tailor-made for specific LGBTQ topics. For more information on this program, please email edwardsb@mail.montclair.edu.