About Us

The Office of Academic Success and Retention Programs (ASRP), by providing academic advising, support and campus referral resources, seeks to help both incoming Transfer Students as well as Upper Division students turn their goal of a bachelor’s degree in to a reality. The ASRP also oversees basic skills compliance and time-to-degree progression for all Undergraduate students, along with providing advising support to select student cohorts within the University. Our Office initiatives encompass:

  • Continuing and Transfer Students
    • Juniors (60-89 credits)
    • Seniors (90+ credits)
  • Readmitted Students
  • Pre-College Summer Program (PSCP)
  • Basic Skills Compliance (MATH 061)
  • 6-Year Graduation Cohort
  • Student Academic Progress Program (SAPP)
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeals

The ASRP works collaboratively with all University advisors, faculty, and staff to serve as a proactive resource towards the student educational experience.