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I'm enrolled in a community college in New Jersey and I would like to transfer to a four-year university, such as Montclair State University. Is there a website that describes how my courses will transfer?
Yes. Visit to review course equivalents.

Do D grades transfer to Montclair State University?
In general, no: only grades of C- or better are accepted in transfer. However, there are two exceptions:
1.    when a D grade is earned as part of an AA or AS degree from a NJ community college.
2.    when the 1st grade in a two-term sequence of courses is a D and the 2nd course grade is a C- or better.

The college from which I'm transferring operates on a quarter-hour system. How do these courses transfer to Montclair State University?
Students receive 2/3 of a Montclair State University credit hour for each quarter hour earned elsewhere. For example, four quarter hours from a transfer institution equal 2.66 credit hours at Montclair State.

Do I need to resubmit my transcript if I have taken a course(s) after I initially submitted it?
Yes! The Office of Undergraduate Admissions requires your FINAL, OFFICIAL transcript to update their records. Please submit an updated, final transcript ASAP to ensure your WESS account is updated properly.

Does the grade point average (GPA) from my previous college transfer to Montclair State University?
No, only credits are transferred.

Can I satisfy the "world cultures" requirement with a course from my previous college?
Yes. However, the course must be deemed equivalent to a course that fulfills the Montclair State world cultures requirement.

How do I know if I need to take the Montclair State University placement test?
Students who transfer to Montclair State with 24 credits or more, including college English and college level math, do not have to take basic skills testing or basic skills course work. Students who transfer to Montclair State with less than 24 credits should contact the Center for Academic Development and Assessment which is the office that determines the need for additional basic skills.

As of fall 2008, transfer students without foreign-language coursework must take two introductory semesters of the same language in sequential order or one semester at the intermediate level or higher. Introductory courses at Montclair State are coded with a I or a II and intermediate and higher courses are coded with a III and a IV or higher. Transfer students who entered prior to fall 2008 with an AA/AS degree from a NJ community college are waived from the world language requirement.

The foreign language sequence at the institution from which I'm transferring isn't offered at Montclair State University. Do I have to take another language at Montclair State?
Two successful introductory semesters or one semester or higher at an intermediate level for any foreign language meet the Montclair State world language requirement.

When reviewing my Analysis of Academic Progress (Audit) where do I see how my transfer credits were applied?
Section 3: Requirements Completed or in Progress will show you how your transfer credits were applied to your program of study at Montclair State University. A course will be listed below the heading that it has been applied to. (Courses will be listed by the name/title of the transfer institution on the left hand side of the page and by the Montclair State equivalent on the right hand side of the page)

If you are transferring in an AA or AS degree from a NJ Community College your courses will be grouped together under the Free Electives heading because your General Education requirements have been waived.

What does a course listed as DPT mean?
Any course with the acronym (or abbreviation) of DPT listed under "free electives" is a course that requires departmental review. You will need to connect with the appropriate MSU major department, provide them with a syllabus and/or course description of the course, to have it evaluated. Examples:
HIST DPT --> this is a course that should be evaluated by the History Department
ENWR DPT --> this is a course that should be evaluated by the English Department

How do I use my audit to register for classes?
Review Section 2: Academic Requirements Remaining. After General Information and Transfer Student Information you will see general education/major requirements that you must take in order to complete your degree. Each category will have a list of courses and number of courses required to complete each category. Read through this carefully and use the courses/requirements listed to register for your courses.


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