Take Hold of Your Degree

Learn about the audit here

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions recently sent you a notification that your credit evaluation has been processed and updated in WESS. The credit evaluation, officially the Analysis of Academic Progress in WESS, is a tool that helps you track progress towards completion of your degree. Our office refers to this document as the "audit" for short. The information provided in your audit includes:

  • cumulative GPA
  • major GPA
  • outstanding courses that still must be completed
  • courses that you've completed at other insititutions (transfer coursework)
  • courses previously completed at Montclair State University
  • courses presently in progress at Montclair State University

You can access your audit through the Montclair State Web Enrollment Services for Students (WESS) site. Note - to log-in you'll need to use your Campus Wide Identifier (CWID) and pin (6-digits).

As you begin to plan your first semester with us, and all of the semesters that will follow, the audit is going to be an increasingly important resource for you. We strongly advise you to read and review your audit. Then, we encourage you to read and review it again. The more often you visit and use the audit, the smoother your journey will be. The audit is truly your road map (and an official "to do" list) for your path towards graduation.


  • Log on to WESS
  • Click on enter student services
  • Enter for your CWID (campus wide identifier) and PIN (6-digits)

A six-digit PIN was initially assigned to you at the point of admission. The PIN will be the date of birth (DOB) which is on file for you. For example, if the date of birth we have on file for you is September 30, 1986, your assigned PIN would be 093086.

  • Click analysis of academic progress which is found under the STUDENT RECORDS dropdown menu. Make sure primary is checked
  • Click SUBMIT and the screen will upload your personalized audit for your primary major
  • Click PRINT on the top right hand side of the screen to print the audit
  • Remember - you must bring a print out of your audit with you to your scheduled TSO event


The following video links offer a brief introduction and interpretation of the audit to help as you begin to navigate it and use it to map out your time to degree completion. Please review the video link that is most appropriate for your transfer credentials:

Audit Video - AA/AS degree from NJ Community College

The video (above) provides an introduction to the analysis of academic progress (audit) for transfer students who have completed an associate of arts (AA) and/or associate of science (AS) degree from a NJ community college.

All Other Transfer Students

The video (above) provides an introduction to the analysis of academic progress (audit) for transfer students who are transferring to Montclair State University from: a) NJ community college where they earned either an Applied Science degree (AAS) and/or did not earn an associates degree, b) an out-of-state community college and/or c) another four-year institution.

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