Community Service

There are a number of community service opportunities here at Montclair!

  • Upcoming Opportunities
  • Registerfor our community service partner website! This will connect you with opportunities to serve!
    • Follow the link to the NobleHour page
    • Once on the NobleHour page, click the join us tab which will take you to a registration page
    • Once registration is completed, you'll be able to login and sign up for volunteer opportunities pertaining to the MSU VRC page.

Remember these Seven Steps to a Successful Service

1. Dress appropriately & be on time
2. Always have the sites contact info handy before your day of service
3. If possible, meet with your agency contact person BEFORE your first day of service
4. Try not to commit yourself to more hours than you can complete
5. Be as clear as possible with the volunteer coordinator about your expectations
6. Ask for a volunteer job description if there is one
7. Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!!!

Contact information for Community Service Programs:

Coordinator of the Community Service and Volunteer Resource Center
The Center for Student Involvement
Montclair State University
Student Center 104J
Fax: 973-655-4098