Peer Leader

Peer Leaders - Application Process: November - January - Peer Leader Pdf Schedule

Each Peer Leader will be responsible for meeting the goals and objectives of the Center for Advising & Student
Transitions. Our primary focus is to promote educational and personal growth among first-year students. Peer Leaders are held accountable for student relationships and contacts, community development, policy enforcement, and communications with other team members including faculty and staff.

Students interested in becoming a Peer Leader must meet the position's qualifications, apply, and complete a training program once they are hired for the position.

For more information on the Peer Leader Program and/or to apply, please visit:

Peer Advocacy
Peer Advocates are student volunteers who have been trained to provide peer education, referral and health advocacy services to other students.  Our volunteers bring a first-hand perspective to current health and social issues.  Peer Advocates help develop and implement new initiatives in order to execute programs they recognize as critical to the campus, in order to help others foster healthy lifestyle choices. They promote social change on campus by providing workshops, discussion groups, information and materials, and being someone to talk to about health and social issues.  Their actions are all in an effort to promote active and healthy lifestyles within the community. Peer Advocates are an energetic and diverse group of students who are committed to making a difference for the campus community.

For more information visit the MSU EMS website

Health Promotion - Application Process: May - August