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Peer Leaders - Application Process: November - January - Peer Leader Pdf Schedule

Each Peer Leader will be responsible for meeting the goals and objectives of the Center for Advising & Student
Transitions. Our primary focus is to promote educational and personal growth among first-year students. Peer Leaders are held accountable for student relationships and contacts, community development, policy enforcement, and communications with other team members including faculty and staff.

Students interested in becoming a Peer Leader must meet the position's qualifications, apply, and complete a training program once they are hired for the position.

Qualifications for Eligible Applicants

  • Must be a current undergraduate student at Montclair State University. Senior applicants cannot be graduating seniors (must plan to be at MSU in the Fall 2015 semester)
  • Have a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75 at the end of the Fall 2014 semester and maintain this G.P.A. at the end of the Spring 2015 semester. Upon application submission, candidate’s G.P.A. will be verified
  • Have earned at least 12 credits at Montclair State University by the end of the Fall 2014 semester. Understand that judicial records will be reviewed by the Dean of Students and the Office of Residential Education and Services.
  • Possess leadership potential as evidenced by previous leadership experiences, recommendations, and staff evaluations.
  • Demonstrate high levels of maturity exhibited through sound judgment, emotional stability, flexibility, and willingness to accept responsibility.
  • Embody strong interpersonal skills through proven ability to interact effectively with others.
  • Be aware of and sensitive to various human relations issues as evidenced by behavior in the University community and interactions with others.


Expectations of Peer Leaders

  • Peer Leaders must present themselves as positive role models.
  • Peer Leaders must have a working knowledge of all aspects of the University in order to appropriately mediate, assist, and serve as effective liaisons between students and other members of the University community.
  • Peer Leaders must possess the emotional maturity necessary to cope with the daily decisions involved in working with first-year students and family members.
  • Peer Leaders must demonstrate a professional attitude, the willingness to lead, follow and take directions, and be engaged in assisting new students.
  • Peer Leaders must be committed to their own personal and academic growth as well as managing their time, work, and social lives.
  • Peer Leaders must enforce and abide by all Montclair State University rules and regulations.
  • Peer Leaders must be able to work under pressure and be flexible
  • Peer Leaders must demonstrate effective communication skills
  • Peer Leaders should be able to solve problems as well as be a team player with a positive attitude and work ethic
  • Peer Leaders should be able to present the University without bias to new students
  • Peer Leaders must be able to enforce University policies with Orientation attendees


Benefits of Being a Peer Leader

  • Each Peer Leader receives a stipend of $1,600.00 that will be disbursed throughout the summer work/training sessions
  • Meet new people
  • Great resume builder
  • Direct interaction with new students


When are applications available?

The application is CURRENTLY AVAILABLE until December 4th, 2014 at 4PM!

Please click here for access to the online application and requirements for the application!

It is MANDATORY that you attend at least one information session for the application process:

Information Sessions

Tuesday November 4              UN 2031                      3:00-4:00pm

Wednesday November 5         UN 2012                      3:00-4:00pm

Wednesday November 12       UN 2009                      2:00-3:00pm

Friday November 14                UN 2021                      1:00-2:00pm

Monday November 17             UN 2044                      2:30-3:30pm

Tuesday November 18            UN 2031                      3:30-4:30pm

Thursday November 20           DI 170                         3:00-4:00pm


Is there training?

Yes; Spring training begins Wednesday, February 25, 2015 – April 29, 2015

For more information on the Peer Leader Program and/or to apply, please visit:



Peer Advocacy

The Peer Advocate Program is a major component of Health Promotion. Created in 2004, Peer Advocates are student volunteers who have been trained to provide peer education, referral and health advocacy services to other students. Our volunteers bring a first-hand perspective to current health and social issues. Peer Advocates help develop and implement new initiatives they recognize as critical to the campus and to help others make healthy lifestyle choices. They provide workshops, discussion groups, information and materials, and someone to talk to about health and social concerns. Their actions are all in an effort to create change and an actively healthy campus community.

Requirements of Being a Peer Advocate

  • Minimum of 4 hours a week of volunteering in Health Promotion

Benefits of Being a Peer Advocate

  • Great resume builder
  • Flexible schedule
  • Health Promotion offers academic learning experiences through Service Learning, Co-Op Learning, Observation, and Field Work Studies

When are applications available?

Applications are available in the summer before the academic school year.

Is there training?

Yes; Training takes place in the Fall Semester.


Health Promotion - Application Process: May - August