Off Campus Opportunities

Are you interested in transferring your physical prowess and leadership skills to your career? The U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) has female officer positions available to become a Second Lieutenant, leading a platoon of up to 60 Marines. All positions provide you with substantial leadership training and experience, opening the doors for you to prestigious management opportunities in the civilian world. You will be taught how to train, lead, understand, and motivate people in ways that no one else can. For more information, keep reading or contact me via the information below.

Qualified applicants will attend Officer Candidates School (OCS) in Quantico, VA over the summer for a paid, training internship which will not interfere with college courses. Upon completion of OCS and graduating college you will be asked to commission as a Second Lieutenant, but you have no obligation to accept should you choose a different career path.
We have over 25 specialty fields in a variety of career concentrations including but not limited to aviation, public affairs, finance, communications, human intelligence, logistics, supply chain management, and law (JAG).

*       Freshmen & Sophomores: attend two six-week paid leadership training sessions over two summers
*       Juniors: attend one ten-week paid course over the summer
*       Summer 2014
*       Must be a U.S. citizen to qualify for the program.

*       Your salary as a Second Lieutenant will exceed $56,000 per year with pay increases annually
*       Full medical coverage for you and your family
*       Full dental coverage and family plan
*       30 days paid vacation annually
*       Tuition assistance
*       Post-graduate educational opportunities
*       Retirement pension after 20 years of active service
*       Adventure and daily professional challenge, unmatched camaraderie, pride, and esprit de corps
*       Transferable and marketable skills. Inc. Magazine has described Marine Corps officer training as "the best management training in the world."

If you would like to request more information about leadership opportunities in the Marine Corps, please email or call at the number listed below.

P: 646-327-8290

"What sets the Marine Corps apart from other training institutions-and in particular, from an MBA that it unabashedly favors breeding generic, high-speed chaos-proof leadership. Experts and specialists are a dime a dozen. What the world needs is someone who can grasp the workings of an entire organization, understand people, and motivate them." -Inc. Magazine