Online Leadership Development

There are different ways to get involved on campus and to expand your leadership experience at Montclair State University. These student created presentations highlight what makes Montclair State a school that truly offers it all. Through them you will find different tips on how to expand your leadership and communication skills. These presentations are all presented by the LDCC but are available online for you to view.


Leadership at Montclair State University

Students will understand what leadership is and how getting involved can help them to gain many leadership qualities. This presentation will also help students to become more knowledgeable about different organizations and opportunities that Montclair has to offer.


Leadership: 360 Degrees

Students will learn about being a leader through understanding self-awareness and personal skills.



Organizational Conflict Resolution

Students will learn how to overcome conflicts and disagreements in various team-oriented settings (school, the workplace, governmental settings, etc.).



Understanding Social Cues

Students will learn about social cues and their importance to developing/maintaining interpersonal relationships.



Maximize Your Leadership Experience at MSU Correctly

Students will learn about the best ways to get involved in the campus community at Montclair State University and why it is important to do so.



How to Survive in an Introverts World

Students will engage in a very interactive presentation which requires the students to work with one another and take a step outside of their comfort zone. The students will explore different kinds of social interaction to determine if they are an introvert.



LDCC Leadership

This presentation defines leadership and breaks it down into different subgroups. It allows students to gain a better understanding of the different types of leadership and how they can enhance those qualities in themselves.



Benefit to Involvement

Students will understand all the benefits of getting involved within the Campus Community. The students will also understand what getting involved can do for their lives.