The Distinguished Leadership Awards

The Center for Leadership Development and Campus Connections is proud to announce the recipients of the Spring 2014 Distinguished Leadership Awards. These students were nominated based on their ability to lead, mentor others, impact a community, develop as rising leaders, and for their commitment to sustainable leadership practices.

Outstanding Leadership Award:
Lauren Alger
Daniel Truitt
Ian Callahan

Sustainability Leadership Award:
Matthew Luongo
Stephanie Lokker
Ashley Favato

Diversity and Equality Award:
Sarah Lazarus
Nicole Francis
Augusto Suarez

Outstanding Community Service Award:
Tahsina Ahmed
Victoria Lussier
Cody Inglis

Outstanding Mentor Award:
Myla Ramirez
Sierra Rauchback
Casey Coleman

Emerging Leader Award:
Rachel Maynard
Daniella Mironski
Stephen Blazejewski