The Leadership Development Certificate Program


Purpose: To connect students and provide leadership development opportunities over 4 years in order to support personal and professional development. Through participation in developmental workshops, leadership driven programs, continuous self-assessment, reflective journals, peer-led focus groups and preparation to become a well-rounded leader, students are developed to lead at Montclair State University and beyond.

This program is designed to offer students well-rounded guidelines that capitalize on leadership development via:

  • Campus wide opportunities through participation in programs, workshops and events
  • Constructive involvement within the campus community through peer-led focus groups
  • The improvement of leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities among all members through intentional reflective journals and self-assessments

Requirements Per Academic Year:

  • Attend two personal development workshops
  • Attend two professional development workshops
  • Complete one personal assessments per semester
  • Complete one online reflective journal per month
  • Participate in four peer lead focus groups (online or face-to-face)
  • Earn points by participating in leadership opportunities on campus that will allow you to progress through the program (see Campus Developments Programs and Opportunities for more information)

More details can be found here:

Fall/Spring Requirements

Learning Outcomes

4-Year Tier System

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