The Professing Excellence Awards

 Spring 2014

The Professing Excellence Awards are open to any Montclair State University (MSU) professor, both adjunct and full time. The purpose of the Professing Excellence Awards is to highlight and acknowledge those educators who make meaningful contributions to our students’ lives both inside and outside the classroom.

Professors who receive awards will:

  • Gain recognition on the Center for Leadership Development and Campus Connections website
  • Receive a plaque and certificate for their award
  • Have an opportunity to serve as a keynote at the Leadership Institute or Leadership Cross Training
  • Be highlighted in an ad in The Montclairion
  • Gain recognition from their academic department as they will be notified of the awards

Dates and Deadlines

All nominations must be received by March 21st, 2014

Professors will be notified by April 11th, 2014

Those who are selected to receive an award will be recognized at the professing excellence award ceremony at the end of the spring semester.

Nomination Forms

All nominations from students or alumni can be made through the link below:

Selection Process

All Professor nominees are evaluated based on the extent to which they have made meaningful contributions and the level of impact on students. When nominating a Professor, be sure to include a thorough description of his or her contributions to the student, or class. The more information provided about the nominee the better they can be evaluated by the committee. This information is key in considering them for the selected award. The section committee will be made up of three representatives from the university and will evaluate all nominations for the selected award category.

Up to three Professors will be selected as recipients for each category.

Award Category Descriptions

Outstanding Dedication to Student Education
Through their dedication and commitment to students at MSU, these professors have made a significant impact on one or more students in the community over the past academic year. Nominees have positively influenced students inside or outside the classroom. Award recipients are selected based on breadth and depth of dedication to student education.

Excellence Through Advising
This award is for the professor who has demonstrated care and investment in students’ lives when advising or mentoring students. They advise through making time to meet with students, take a dedicated approach to ensuring students are lead in a positive direction, and serve as leaders in education.

Meaningful Impact
Nominees have demonstrated outstanding service to a MSU student that has impacted their life. This could have been through a conversation after a class, in a meeting, or while in class. Nominees may or may not know of this impact they had on the student nominating them.

Outstanding Education Practices
Nominees have exemplified what it means to educate college students through going beyond lecturing. These nominees have displayed practices to help students learn material through creative and outside the box facilitation. Through these approaches, students are able to have a positive and memorable experience inside the classroom which has impacted their lives.

Lifelong Impact on Alumni
This award recognizes a Professor nominated by an undergraduate or graduate alumnus. The Nominees impact on an alumni’s life has gone beyond their time at the university. The experience has been carried through to their professional career and made a lifelong difference.