Attorney General

Juan Santana

The duty of Attorney General is to provide legal counsel to the government such as determining if an action or bill is constitutional or not. I also have the responsibility to handle any judicial action against a student or organization, as I am the Presidents Chief law enforcement officer of your Student Government.


J‌uan Santana


I am currently a Junior Justice Studies Major with a Dual Concentration in Justice Systems and Paralegal Studies while Minoring in Public Administration. I started by quest towards involvement Freshman year by becoming involved with a Residence Hall Council, as well as the Pre-Law Society, a Class III Organization of the SGA. Moving into Sophomore Year, I worked as a Resident Assistant for Residence Life and became the Treasurer of the Pre-Law Society. During Spring 2015, I started the process with a group of men to become a Founding Father of Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity, an organization that I am currently Vice President of. To cap off my on-campus experience, I have also worked as a Student Outreach Coordinator of The Center for Leadership Development for two years; working to get first and second year students involved and acclimated to campus.