Attorney General

Juan Santana





J‌uan Santana


I am currently a Junior Justice Studies Major with a Dual Concentration in Justice Systems and Paralegal Studies while Minoring in Public Administration. I started by quest towards involvement Freshman year by becoming involved with a Residence Hall Council, as well as the Pre-Law Society, a Class III Organization of the SGA. Moving into Sophomore Year, I worked as a Resident Assistant for Residence Life and became the Treasurer of the Pre-Law Society. During Spring 2015, I started the process with a group of men to become a Founding Father of Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity, an organization that I am currently Vice President of. To cap off my on-campus experience, I have also worked as a Student Outreach Coordinator of The Center for Leadership Development for two years; working to get first and second year students involved and acclimated to campus. 


The duty of Attorney General is to provide legal counsel to the government such as determining if an action or bill is constitutional or not. I also have the responsibility to handle any judicial action against a student or organization, as I am the Presidents Chief law enforcement officer of your Student Government.