Student Government President: Kristen Bunk-

Chief of Staff: Mohammad Ramadan

Website and Coordinator: Sheena Higgins-
Year: Senior Major: Communications Concentration Public Relations
In charge of updating and managing the Student Government Website.

Press Secretary: Jennifer Kalash
I am the liaison between the student body as well as media sources to the SGA and more specifically the SGA President George Juzdan. While also looking to ensure that there is permanent line of communication between the students and their representation.  

Director of Programming: Casey Coleman
Oversees Student Life at Montclair. SLAM plans Homecoming, Spring Week, Formal events, concerts, yearbook, Project 1908 and many more events throughout the year!  


Class I Director: Maureen Elford
Year: Senior Major: Theater Studies & English Education The Class One Director acts as a liaison between Class One Organizations and the Office of the SGA President through correspondence and monthly meetings with Class One presidents. The Class One director is also responsible for making sure that Class One Organizations are following SGA policies and financial responsibilities. 

Director of Class II and III Organizations: Rafael Ramirez-
Purpose is to make sure that Class II’s and III’s are using their budgets appropriately, to be their liaison between the legislature, to keep the executive branch informed of their achievements, and to help them reach out to other organizations to promote unity throughout campus.

Director of Class IV Organizations: Lynka Tanaka
Liaison between Class IV and the SGA. Assists the Class IV organizations with ways of fundraising, budgeting and learning the basic rules and regulations of SGA.

Director of Greek Affairs: Lauren Gesualdi
Year: Senior Major: Family and Child Studies K-6
I am here to guide and ensure the Greek Organizations are up to date and informed about the re-charterment process, while encouraging community service and active programming within the Greek Community.

Secretary of Academic Affairs: Nicole Deflippo-
Year: Senior Major: History Education Minor: Linguistics
Liaison between the student body and school administrators, the university library and the different colleges; such as college of the arts, college of education and human services, and college of science and math. 

Secretary of Educational Funding:
- Aldo Guerrero
Year: Senior Major: Political Science Minors: Public Administration and Latin American & Latino Studies
Organizes students around issues dealing with tuition, fees, and student debt. Works with student trustees, administration, and state legislators. Provides communication between MSU's student government and the statewide student association, New Jersey United Students (NJUS). Please email me for more information on how to get involved in the student struggle!

Director of Equity and Diversity: Leah Stone
Year: Senior Major: Sociology/ Women's and Gender Studies
I serve as the liason between the SGA and the student lead organizations representing marginalized groups on campus to ensure we have a thriving and diverse community on campus. I also keep the SGA up-to-date on information and current events that affects the various intersectional communities on our campus. Join me and the many groups I work with to eliminate hate, inequity, and oppression at Montclair State!

Secretary of LGBTQ Affairs: Nick Weber
Year: Senior Major: Business Administration Concentration Management
 Along with all the other departments he works for on campus, he has been with the LGBTQ center since 2010.  He looks forward to connecting the rapidly growing LGBTQ center with the SGA, other campus partners, and most importantly the student organizations on campus.

Editor in Chief of Yearbook: Janel Lacambra
Year: Junior  Major: Politcal Science & Communications and Media Arts

Director of Recreation and Athletics: Dann Truitt-
Year: Senior Major: English Education; Middle School & Language Arts

Director of Student Outreach: Anthony Fasano 
Year: Major:

Secretary of Commuter Affairs: Marta Hanaka
The duty of the Secretary of Commuter Affairs is to act as a liaison between SGA and commuter programs. The Secretary of Commuter Affairs is also responsible for addressing the needs and concerns of the campus commuting populations and make recommendations of such remedies to the Executive and Legislative Branches.

Secretary of Residential Affairs: