Vice President

Connie Koutsouradis


Current President of the Student Government Association for the 2013-2014 academic year. Connie is a senior majoring in Child Advocacy and Policy and minoring in Leadership Development through Civic Engagement. She has been a legislator for 4 years, chaired Marketing and Publicity Committee and served as secretary for the Student Life At Montclair (SLAM), the programming board of the SGA. She hopes to continue the extraordinary work that past Vice Presidents have accomplished and emphasize the importance of the relationship between legislator and organization. Furthermore, She will do my best to lead our legislature and is very honored to serve the students in this position! 

The Vice President of the SGA oversees the organizations charters and the legislature of the student government.  Also the position is in charge of the scholarship fund which gives $10,000 out to students every year.  The Vice President is the chairman of all the meetings and is the President of the Legislature.  Being unbiased and professional with all of the issues that cross the SGA and its organization is what the position is truly based on.  Serving the students is the main focus for the Vice President of the student government.