Organization Information

Organizations are sepparated into classes I, II, III, IV, and V. Depending on which class each organization is classified under, determines the budget they are given. All Greek organizations are classified under class V. 

A List of all Organizations Chartered under the SGA

Organization Name Email Meeting Day Location Time
CLASS ONE        
Hillel Wednesday    
Haitian Student Association Wedensday SC Café B 3:30pm-4:30pm
Japan Club Wednesday SC Annex 205 3:00pm
Latin American Student Organization (LASO) Tuesday SC 417 5:30pm-8pm
Montclair State Dance Company Tuesday SC Cafe BC 3:30pm-5:30pm
Montclair University Gamers Tuesday UN 2070 8:30pm
Newman Catholic Campus Ministry Wednesday SC 121 2:00pm
Players Monday SC Commuter Lounge 5:00pm
Unified Asian American Student Organization Wednesday PA 112 3:00pm
CLASS II        
Biology Club Wednesday    
Femvolution Wednesday RI 120 3pm
Montclair State University Marketing Assoc. Wednesday UN 2008 8:15pm
Native African Student Organization (NASO) Wednesday   4:00pm
      SC Cafe B 5:00pm
Class III        
Alliance for Women in Media Thursday Dumont Lounge 12:30pm
Chemistry Club Wednesday Room 365 11am-3pm
Fashion Club Wednesday UN 3:00pm
MSU Figure Skating Tuesday/ Friday Floyd Hall Arena 9:50am/ 12:00pm
Financial Management & Econmic Society Wednesday UN 2044 2:30pm
Global Medical Brigades Wednesday  UN 3010 4:00pm
Montclair State Dietetic Organization Wednesday UN 2046 3:00pm-4:00pm
Montclair State University Student Veterans Assoc. Wednesday UN 1050 2:30pm
Multicultural Psychology Scholars Wednesday SC Café BC 2:30pm/7:30pm
NAACP Wednesday UN 3008 3:30-4:30pm
Public Health Association Wednesday UN 2006 3:00pm-5:00pm
Speaking Through Silence Wednesday SC Annex 205 2:30pm
Class IV        
Active Minds Wednesday UN 2024 3pm
Alpha & Omega International Student Assoc.      
Athletic Training Club   Tuesday UN 4048 7:30am
Chi Alpha Monday Machuga MPR 7:30pm
Human Relation Leadership Develepment Assoc. Friday RI 120 2:30pm
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Thursday Café B&C 6pm
Management Club Wednesday PA 118 3:00pm
MINTCO Wednesday (Biweekly) UN 1143 4pm
Poets in Motion      
Political Science Club Wednesday DI 271 2:30pm
Pre-law Society Wednesday DI 176 3:30pm
Rise Up Wednesday Dickson Hall 8:00pm
Club Wrestling Thursday Rec Center  11am
Video Production Club Wednesday/Friday PA 118 3:15/7:00
Class V        
Alpha Iota Chi Sunday RI 118 8:00pm
Aplha Phi Alpha      
Alpha Phi Omega Sunday UN 1010 6:30pm
Chi Upsilon Sigma Wednesday UN Classroom 9:30pm
Delta Phi Epsilon Sunday   8pm
Delta Xi Delta Monday UN 7:15pm
Lambda Tau Omega Sunday SC 416 2:00pm
Lambda Theta Alpha Friday UN 10:00am
Mu Sigma Upsilon Monday UN 8:00pm
Omega Psi Phi      
Phi Alpha Psi Senate Tuesday Science Hall 9:30pm
Phi Sigma Sigma Sunday UN 7:00pm
Sigma Delta Phi Sunday SC 413 8:00pm
Sigma Delta Tau Sunday SC 411 8:00pm
Sigma Lambda Upsilon Wednesday    
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sunday UN1020 7:00pm
Tau Phi Beta Tuesday RI 208 9:30pm
Theta Xi Sunday Mallory 155 7:00pm