Experience Montclair

‌College years are your time to learn, explore and grow, both inside and outside the classroom. Experience Montclair provides you with activities, events and workshops to help you stimulate intellectual curiosity through co-curricular programming. This new initiative promotes student engagement, starting with your very first semester. As you begin your transition to college life you will be presented with opportunities to explore areas of personal interest.

In fall 2016, as a requirement of the first-year seminar course, GNED 199, students will select to attend three University-sponsored events that are outside of classroom instruction. Students enrolled in this course are required to attend one Academic Connection event, one Campus & Community Connection event and one Life Skills/Personal Growth event.

These events fall into three categories: 

These events promote some aspect of academic life at Montclair State. They can be scholarly presentations and activities offered by faculty and guest lecturers within any of the Colleges/Schools. They also can include other types of activities that foster students’ academic development.
These events provide opportunities for you to make connections with others outside of the classroom. Among other types of events, this can include cultural activities, civic engagement activities, sporting events and social events.
These events contribute to a students’ understanding of their individual interests, skills and abilities. They help to prepare you for life after college. Among other types of events, this can include career development programs, health and wellness programs, diversity programs, leadership workshops and other areas of personal development.

Is This For Me?

  • Freshmen enrolled in New Student Seminar/GNED 199 are required to attend an event from each category.
  • Second semester freshmen, sophomore, juniors and seniors, although not required, you are also invited to attend University events to develop your own co-curricular transcript! 
  • ANYONE can develop a co-curricular transcript and enjoy exciting incentives while doing so.

Co-curricular transcripts increase connection with faculty and expand your knowledge in a variety of areas. Have fun experiencing Montclair!