Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What do I need to submit in order to complete an application?

A:  In order to apply, you must submit the following:

  1. Online application
  2. Application fee
  3. Transfer Student Questionnaire
  4. All official college transcripts

Students with less than 30 college-level credits also must submit an official high school transcript.

Q:  Do D grades transfer to Montclair State?

A:  In general, no: only grades of C- or better are accepted in transfer. However, there are two exceptions:
(1) when a D grade is earned through a New Jersey associate's degree in the arts or sciences (an A.A. or A.S. degree) or (2) when the 1st grade in a two-term sequence of courses is a D and the 2nd course grade is a C- or better.
Q:  The college from which I'm transferring operates on a quarter-hour system.  How do courses transfer in this circumstance?

A:  Students receive 2/3 of a Montclair State credit hour for each quarter hour earned elsewhere. This equation does not result in the loss of transfer credits.
Q:  How will I know how many credits will transfer to Montclair State?

A:  At Montclair State, we try our best to ensure that most credits transfer provided they are from a regionally accredited college/university.  For your own reference, we do not give credit for basic skills courses, ESL courses lower than level 100, or courses where the earned grade is lower than a C-.
Q:  How many credits can I transfer?

A:  If you are transferring from a regionally accredited 4-year institution, we do not currently limit the number of credits you may transfer.  Keep in mind, though, that you will need to complete a minimum of 32 credits at Montclair State in order to receive a Montclair degree.
If you are transferring from a regionally accredited 2-year institution (community college), you may transfer up to 60 credits toward your Bachelor’s degree.  
Q:  Are courses in which I received grades of “P” (pass), “CR” (credit) or “S” (satisfactory) accepted in transfer?

A:  Generally, courses taken with grades of “P”, “CR”, or “S” are accepted at full credit value provided they are college level credits from your previous school.
Q:  Is my grade point average (GPA) from my previous college transferred to Montclair State?

A:  No, only credits are transferred from your previous college(s).
Q:  I took a CLEP test at my other college.  Will Montclair State accept CLEP scores?

A:  Students who earn CLEP credits through another college must submit official test scores to Montclair State in order to receive credit.  (Please note:  If the CLEP credits contributed to the completion of an AA or AS degree from a NJ Community College, test scores are not required.)
Q:  I took AP courses in high school. Will Montclair State accept my AP scores?

A:  Students who took AP courses in high school must submit official test scores to Montclair State in order to receive credit.

Q.  Can I receive an evaluation of my transfer credits before I am admitted?

A.  Due to the large volume of transfer applications received, we are unable to conduct credit evaluations prior to a student being admitted.  The evaluation will be completed about 10 business days after admission and is available prior to paying an admissions deposit. 

Q:  Can I choose "undeclared" as my major on my application?

A: The answer depends on the number of transfer credits you are bringing with you:

  • Yes - If you will enter Montclair State with fewer than 60 credits, you may apply as an undeclared student.
  • No - If you will be transferring with 60 or more credits you must declare a major in order to be considered for admission.

Q:  Will I need to take placement tests again?

A:  Generally students arriving on campus with 24 or more college-level credits are exempt from taking the Math/English placement tests.  However, certain majors that require higher-level math courses may require further testing.  Also, if you have not successfully completed at least (1) foreign language course in college and/or your only experience with foreign language was at the high school level, you will be required to take a Foreign Language placement test.
Q:  I'm enrolled in a New Jersey Community College, and I am transferring to Montclair State.  Is there a website that describes how courses will transfer?

A:  Yes.  Visit