Our People

Ellen Griffin
Assistant VP, Communications and Marketing
Email: griffinel@mail.montclair.edu
Phone 973-655-3123

Creative Services

Randi Rosh
Creative Director
Email: roshsolenthr@mail.montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-3070


Jubin Kwon
Director, Marketing
Email: kwonj@mail.montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-3532

Media Relations

Erika Beliberg
Interim Director, Media Relations
Email: bleiberge@mail.montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-4334

News and Editorial

Laura Griffin
Publications Editor
Email: griffinla@mail.montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-3430

Bob Gano
Editorial Manager
Email: ganor@mail.montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-5127

Amy Wagner
Email: wagnera@mail.montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-4333

Web Services

Katherine Tasheff
Director, Web Services
Email: tasheffk@mail.montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-3291


1 Normal Avenue
College Hall, Room 301
Montclair, New Jersey 07043
Phone: 973-655-4333