Displaying Catalog Requirements

The University Catalog is updated annually with descriptions and requirements for all of the University's 250+ majors, minors, and concentrations. Page editors can pull catalog requirements onto their pages dynamically to keep them up-to-date without the need to re-build the page every year.

First, look up your program's code on the University Catalog's Code Table. You can use Ctrl+F on a PC or CMD+F on a Mac to quickly find the program you want to display.

Next, put the following HTML on your page:

<script	type="text/javascript"

For the sake of this example, we'll use Computer Science (B.S.) - Undergraduate (CSM|BS|CPSC). This will always display the curriculum for that program from the most recent copy of the University Catalog. Put the following JavaScript on your page:

var catalogExcerpt = new Curriculum({
	ProgramID: "CSM|BS|CPSC"