Displaying News Feeds

The Montclair State University News system has over 10,000 news articles arranged into more than 200 channels. Web Services has made resources available to easily pull news content onto your pages.

Adding a News Feed with TerminalFour

In order to show a news channel's content on a page managed via TerminalFour, create a new piece of content using the Spotlight News Channel Content Template. If this Content Template is not available, you may need to Modify the Section and make the Content Template available for use.

You will need to know the Channel ID for the channel you want to display, and the URL for the installation of the University News system that will display your articles. Using that information, fill in the form as displayed below.

Pay special attention to the Article Location field - make sure that it has a trailing slash.

Adding a News Feed with JavaScript

For pages not maintained by TerminalFour you can add a news channel using the following JavaScript:

var presidentNews = new NewsFeed({
	channel: 32,
	label: "News",
	numItems: 5,
	showImages: true,
	showLeads: true,
	articleLocation: "http://www.montclair.edu/president/news/"