Immunization Requirements

Montclair State University’s mandatory requirements are as follows:

Additional mandatory immunizations for residential students are listed below.

Measles: Two doses of a live measles-containing vaccine, or any vaccine combination containing live measles vaccine that was administered after 1968.

Mumps: Two doses of live mumps virus vaccine, or any vaccine combination containing live mumps virus vaccine on or after the student's first birthday

Rubella: One dose of live rubella virus vaccine, or any vaccine combination containing live rubella virus vaccine on or after the student's first birthday.

Hepatitis B: (full time Undergraduate and Graduate students only): Three doses of hepatitis B virus vaccine, or any vaccine combination containing hepatitis B vaccine or approved two dose regimen.

Documented laboratory evidence of immunity to Measles, Mumps, and Rubella or Hepatitis B may be submitted in place of above vaccines.

Exemptions to the above immunization requirements:

  1. Students born before 1957 (does not apply to Hepatitis B requirements).
  2. Certain medical conditions in which immunizations pose a health risk.
  3. Clearly proscribed and documented religious exclusions.
  4. Students enrolled in a program for which students do not congregate on campus at any time, whether for classes or to participate in institution-sponsored events (home study, distance learning).

Should an infectious disease outbreak occur, the University may require students without documented evidence of immunity to stay away from the campus until the outbreak is over.

Residential Students

In addition to meeting the above requirements, all students intending to reside in any university housing facility must submit evidence of immunization for:

Meningitis: One dose: of meningococcal meningitis vaccine within the last five years of first entry to University housing.


  • Fall Entry
    • General Requirements: May 15
    • Residential Requirements: May 15
  • Spring Entry
    • Due two weeks after enrollment and/or housing deposit submission

Failure to comply with requirements and deadlines will prevent course registration and/or housing eligibility.

Returning students are not required to resubmit immunization documents.

Instructions for Submission of documentation

  1. Click on Immunization Forms box and print out documents
  2. Fill in all information requested. Missing or unclear information will delay processing of these requirements.
  3. The section for healthcare providers MUST be completed and signed by a healthcare provider. Forms signed by students or parent/guardian will not be accepted.
  4. Go to enter immunization information on line.
  5. All forms must be mailed to the address listed below prior to deadline. Do not submit documentation to any other department.
  6. Completed forms also can be faxed to UHC at 973-655-4159 or emailed to:  Your name and student ID (CWID) or Social Security # must be included on these forms.
  7. Immunization documentation from a high school or other college/university will be accepted in place of the forms below. Copies of original immunization records from health departments or other countries will also be accepted. Please do not send originals. They will not be returned! Your student ID or Social Security # must be included on these forms.
  8. If laboratory titers are submitted, a copy of actual laboratory results must be sent with the completed forms.
  9. If you choose to request a religious exemption to immunizations, a letter must be submitted from the enrolled student stating specific religious doctrine that prohibits immunization. Letters from parents or religious leaders will not be accepted.
  10. Individuals in need of a medical exemption for immunizations must submit a written statement from their healthcare provider that immunization is contraindicated due to a valid medical condition.
  11. Students under the age of eighteen must have a parent or guardian sign the last section to provide consent for the University Health Center to treat the student until the age of eighteen.
  12. Specific detail of New Jersey immunization regulations may be obtained through the UHC website at Additional information on immunizations can also be found at
  13. Students who need immunizations to meet requirements may obtain any of the vaccines at the University Health Center. Please call 973-655-4361 to make an appointment.
  14. All completed forms should be mailed to:
    Montclair State University Health Center Immunization Program
    Montclair State University
    Blanton Hall, One Normal Avenue
    Montclair, New Jersey 07043
    Fax:  973-655-4159 (Student name and IT (CWID) must be on the form)
    Email: (Student name and IT (CWID) must be on the form)